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  1. Got a F2-220 with 4GB RAM and J1800 cpu. Had problems updating to latest release. Created a new usb using IG-88 directions (combined 24922 zImage + rd.gz plus his extra.lzma and extra2.lzma from 0.8_syno ds918+. Booted using new usb, chose to migrate, and updated to latest release. After a few reboots all is running well. Got populated /dev/dri. Many Thanks IG-88!
  2. So when using 1.04b and DS918+, we use DS918+ SN from the picture (from the review site) and real mac address of the NIC in the F2-220? Also, anybody tested to see if eudean's fan control will work for the F2-220? According to here, the same monitoring chip is used between the F4-220 and F2-220.