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  1. @flyride That is a fantastic explanation. Thank you. I really hope that others are helped in similar circumstances. I searched far and wide for a simple tutorial on 'all things disk mapping' given the various options and the impact of those options. But like you said, the hardware environment plays a role here and that will vary by user of course. I never would have made the association that I could delete the 16gb vdisk/controller without your help. So, again, thank you.
  2. @flyride So I deleted the 16gb vdisk and vcontroller and powered back up into the vm. This time all 7 disks were recognized with the previously missing one being available as 'unused' and I added back into the array. At this point all looks normal and the array is expanding into the newly added disk. Thank you for all your help with this. Would I would love to know is why this happened to begin with. And why - attached image - slot 5 shows a blank in SM Overview. The storage pool view also shows as Drive 5 as missing. If you have any insights to share then great.
  3. Good to know. Thank you for the clarification. Will delete immediately and update here with outcome.
  4. So, just to confirm, I can delete the entire 2nd SATA Controller AND the 16gb virtual disk that has xpenology6.2? So I would be left with the single vController that is 50mg with synoboot. What is the point of creating the 16gb disk and 2nd controller in the first place as per the tutorial? I had thought that 16gb disk was where DSM lives (along with any DSM apps I install) so a little unclear on that point. Pretty sure DSM is not on the array itself. Just trying to understand. I will back up the VM and delete that controller as you suggest and see what happens. Will report back. T
  5. And note that I bought brand new cables to go with the new LSI controller since the connectors were different on the card itself. Not that that means there isn't a cable issue but I'll do the cable/connector move on the disk side tomorrow just to see if that shows a currently recognized disk disappearing. If not then not sure what is up given the BIOS confirms of all 7 disks being available. Ugh. BTW: is there a way to hide the 16gb vdisk from showing up in DSM?
  6. Repeated reboots show the LSI BIOS seeing all 7 disks. Every time. I've isolated the missing disk to be the first disk in my case, i.e. physical slot 1. But if I remove that disk - even though DSM doesn't appear to 'see' it, then the array shows an error and goes into a degraded state again. Weird. I will swap the cable to one of the other disks just to see if that makes a difference. That will force that missing disk on to another controller port I guess. Hoping that doesn't mess with array integrity.
  7. Thought I had followed these settings from original tutorial...I see that I should have that disk as 'Dependent' and 'Thick provisioned' given the original tutorial. Not sure if that matters or not.
  8. Actually I don't know why. I thought it came with the original VM setup tutorial and I never questioned it. But no, not using it with any storage pool. Is this a misconfiguration on my part? The 16gb virtual disk shows up in my list of HDD and it takes a slot in the storage pool so was wondering how to get rid of that. Is that related to my problem of the missing 8tb disk?
  9. Sorry about that @flyride Here is the Edit settings view...
  10. @flyride I really appreciate your response and the help with this. I usually persevere with these things after much searching but this one has me stumped. In answer to your question: here is what my VM looks like: I think I have it configured correctly given the original ESXi instructions. So I guess I have three controllers then? The two virtual controllers and the SAS3008 LSI that I am passing through to DSM? Happy to share more config info from grub.cfg or syninfo.conf if helpful. Thanks again for the guidance. I almost destroyed this array an hour ago by attempting to move the disks in the
  11. Running Jun loader 1.03b DS3615xs | ESXi 7.01 | LSI 3008 passthrough controller Seeking help as I am struggling with an issue where one of the disks on my passthrough controller is missing from Storage Manager. I have 7 pass through disks but only 6 show up. The back story is that I had ESXi 6.7 running great with these disks running on a MB LSI storage controller. For other reasons I needed to upgrade to ESXi 7 and my controller was no longer supported. So I installed new LSI3008 controller and moved my disks to that. Booting my Xpenology VM resulted in my pretty much having to st
  12. I have the same question. Have never had to do an update to Xpenology for compatibility reasons. Running on ESI 6.7U3 and same model: DS3615xs. Appreciate any input.
  13. For my use case this approach works fine. I’m not trying to back up a lot of large VMs on a regular basis. As I said in my original post, I have just the Xpenology VM and want to copy that to a remote volume in case of hardware failure. I understand that simple copy wouldn’t be a good option for many use cases and with many VMs. But in my case I just enabled NFS on my Synology NAS and mounted that volume from within ESXi so that I could copy the Xpenology VM to the other Synology. Combined with taking a snapshot also, this gives me what I need for failure protection.
  14. For anyone else having my same 'vm backup' questions I found this video which summarizes a simple vm copy to a another host.
  15. Kind of answered my own question: looks like I can just mount a NFS share on my Synology from ESXi datastore. Would it then be as simple as copying the VM to that remote volume? I've copied VMware Workstation VMs around in the past and could easily boot those after telling VMware that it as a copy. Just wonder if ESXi vm copies could work the same way.