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    Run DSM 6.1.x in Parallels VM?

    I m running already parallels for all my VM´s. So this would be the easiest way instead of installing a second VM host.
  2. bossini

    Run DSM 6.1.x in Parallels VM?

    Hi, was anyone able to run DSM 6.1.x / DS3617xs in a Parallels VM on Mac? I got always the massage that it can not boot. Thanks to all
  3. bossini

    upload speed is low and varies

    Hi Schnapps, I first tested with a WD Red 3 TB. When I discovered the problem I put in a Samsung 840 pro SSD to eliminate the speed issue of a HD. The SSD is much faster than the network. Both HD´s are empty and the system is clean - BIOS set to default. My only idea is that I have to make some changes on the bios of the Motherboard. Both PC´s worked fine with Windows or Mac (Hackintosh) before and no speed problem or slow down while transfering before. So it must be a combination of MB-settings and Software that causes the problem. Best
  4. bossini

    upload speed is low and varies

    Hi, i´m just taking my first steps on Expenology. I have a Qnap NAS that works fine but I want to get something bigger in the meaning of number of HD´s. So I installed the 4.3 version on 2 machines to check if it is a hardware problem - not VM´s - to check for the reason. One is an old Asus P5Q MB with Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 CPU and 4 GB RAM, the other is an Gigabyte Z77 DS3H MB with Intel i5 3570 CPU and 16 GB RAM. So both should have enough power. I tested it with a normal HD and also with SSD. While uploading files to the disks station, the upload speed starts about 117 MB/s and than drops to 40 MB/s or even 0 and varies also a lot. Downloading files to the PC (Mac) works better but speed is also not stable. Doing the same on Qnap, speed is at 111-117 and stable (up and download) Any Idea what the problem might be?