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    Hard Drive Upgrade

    Great responses guys, thanks very much. I'll give it a whirl once the drives turn up.
  2. finn_uk

    Hard Drive Upgrade

    Hello all, Firstly let me apologise in advance, I am an utter noob with this! I recently purchased an N54L and, wanting to install software that was as user friendly as possible, decided to install XPEnology which I have so far been very pleased with. I have the 256GB drive that the server came with, plus 2x3TB WD Reds. I now have 2 more 3TB WD Reds on order and my questions is this... If I want to replace the 256GB drive for one of the WDs, is it simply a cases of physically replacing it and XPEnology will do the rest data-wise? Or would I need to take a full backup first and do some sort of re-build? I have tried to search this but only find posts relating to replacing failed drives, probably the same thing but I thought I'd check!