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  1. Yeah, I think the Dev Guys from Synology are also reading this topic. Can‘t wait to see what they build next to prevent NVMe Usage
  2. My mistake, this is only available for the Apollolake and Avoton CPUs, so I think this is only valid for the DS918+ loader
  3. You have to look, if your card or usb device is marked as supported in the wiki: If you don‘t find your device, you have to figure out which demodulator and tuners your card has and find out if these will be supported in the linux kernel. You have to tweak the kernel specific settings in the tutorial to compile it for the DS3615xs Loader. Good Luck!
  4. I just wanna share my found on GitHub. Successfully compiled WinTV DualHD on official Synology DS918+
  5. If it‘s a driver thing, then there‘s no chance to make it working (without the right/compatible hardware). The problem is, the nvme driver is kernelbuild, that means, there‘s no additional module that you can replace like the ethernet driver.
  6. Mac Numbers are octal and Synology added after the first Mac +1. So your mac3 und mac4 should be ..378A and ..378B and not 9A and 9B as mentioned before
  7. Hi, Your tutorial is nice, just had to tweak some things to get it working with DS918+. Building the driver was no problem, but when I want to load the module it throws the knowing pic_disable_link_state(_locked) error. Leaving this lines commented out throws me kernel panics. Does someone know how to solve this issue? Thanks a lot!
  8. I‘ve tried and I failed @ddogg777 could you give it a try and post your lspci output?
  9. It’s getting silent here. I‘ve ordered a NVME to PCIe Card. It‘ll arrive in a few days. I‘ll report if it works
  10. Just a little update: It is a driver issue, when I run "nvme smart-log-add /dev/nvme0", it throws me "NVMe Status:INVALID_LOG_PAGE(2109)". Can anybody with an 918+ and an NVMe Card run this command to show what's the output? Or @flyride, can you run this command with your ESXi Setup?
  11. Hi, I don't want to use DSM behind ESXi, so I have to search for the issue My Setup: Loader 1.04b with DSM 6.2.1-23824U4 i3-8100 AS-Rock H370M-ITX Samsung 960 EVO NVMe Disk What I've found: I think it's an driver or smartctl issue. My scemd.log (in /var/log) is full with this crap: 2019-02-25T16:49:58+01:00 *** scemd: disk_temperature_update.c:52 Can't find the Disk Node whose path is /dev/nvme0n1 2019-02-25T16:49:58+01:00 *** scemd: nvme_dev_port_check.c:16 Failed to get slot informtion of nvme0n1 2019-02-25T16:49:58+01:00 *** scemd: nv