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  1. Hello flyride, thanks for you reply. 1) I have tested the loader v1.04b (just to get the last updated) I have chosen DS918+ PAT but I could not find serial number to insert in grub.cfg 2) I have tested with loader V1.02b So I have chosen the DS916+ , the serial is generated and reported in the grub.cfg file (+ the 3 MAC @) The screen is better now displaying: Decompressing Linux ... Parsing ELF ... Done Booting the kernel. I supervise my DHCP server box, but I could not see any new client The LED of the RJ45 netmork iis on (Server + Siwtch/router) Possible problem: The 2 Broadcom Nextreme are not recognized May be I check for à free slot to insert another NIC ? Thanks for help
  2. Hello, this is my first installation. I use : Xpenology_Tool_V142.exe I have modify the followings lines grub.cfg set vid=0x0951 set pid=0x1666 set sn=1130NZN021074 set mac1=001b78d2d848 set mac2=001b78d2d849 set mac3=001b78d2baa3 set rootdev=/dev/md0 I have on USB key but the GRUB menu is staying "Screen will stop updating shortly ..." I think I need to add drivers Network ?: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Disk controller ?: LSI logic How to find the missing drivers and hox to integrated the drivers on USB Key ? How to troubleshhot diagnostics logs with serial port COM ? Thanks for help
  3. Hello Daniel, I have a old HP DL 340 G3 and trying to install XPEnology. Did you get a successfull install ? The GRUB menu is staying "Screen will stop updating shortly ..." I seems not detect the 2 Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet and LSI logic Thanks for help