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    NVMe cache support

    Actually is not exactly the same, if you want to pass through the controller you have to preallocate ram and you cannot preallocate the full amount. I was able to give the dsm VM just 11Gb of the 16 available while passing through the HBA.
  2. After a lot of research I realized my Dell PERC H310 was not flashed to the LSI IT firmWare, this is the reason why I could not get SMART data out of the disks... After correctly flashing it now it shows all the statistics correctly.. Shame on me I guess... Now I just have to fix the NVME recognition issue and then I'm done -.-'
  3. I misread the date, it's from the 1st Feb.. I will try to switch to DS3617xs and see if it works better since it's not a live system yet. I am trying to set it up properly before I copy data to it.. I have a Dell Perc H310 SAS HBA which uses an LSI controller
  4. I even see the temperatures in the info panel....
  5. S.M.A.R.T. is enabled in the BIOS since I remember having it while using another loader I think and on top of that I can query the status with smartctl. In the attached image you can see the codes. The database is up to date, 1 Jan, but the button is disabled, don't know if it means something..
  6. Ah sorry, I am not using the WD reds anymore. I reused the screenshot but I having the same issue with the IronWolfs..
  7. I have 4TB IronWolfs and Samsung 860 Evo as cache, they are both compatible with the DS918+ according to the liked site.. What do you mean that you can't find them?
  8. Hello I am trying to fix problems with smart information retrieval. The DSM ui works perfectly and I created successfully a 8 drive raid6 but I cannot access smart info and the log is filled with failure messages. The log can be found in the attachments. debug.log
  9. Ivan GO

    NVMe cache support

    I tried that already, I created the md raid, and mounted it but I could not see it in the Web UI as a Volume. Anyway now I switched back to ESXi so I cannot try that anymore.
  10. Ivan GO

    NVMe cache support

    Ok I understand, yes I tried already ESXi and I was fairly successful but I wanted to avoid using an Hypervisor since DSM offers docker image management and virtualization.. I wanted to use the single NVME drive as fast storage for eventual applications running there but if it's so complex I guess I will reinstall ESXi back. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. I am trying to figure out why my smart info is not displayed in the Web UI. As it can be seen in the images attached the web UI give an error while if I login into the shell I can query S.M.A.R.T. info.. Anybody has a clue?
  12. Ivan GO

    NVMe cache support

    Hi, I'm trying DSM 6.2.x with the 1.04b bootloader on a baremetal supermicro X10SDV-4C-TLN2F which has an M2 NVME 960 evo. I am able to see the disk when logging in with ssh and I am able to create a volume using this tutorial: https://www.reddit.com/r/synology/comments/a7o44l/guide_use_nvme_ssd_as_storage_volume_instead_of I am even able to see it in the mdadm by running: mdadm --assemble --scan Unfortunately the volume is not visible in DSM and if I reboot it disappears.. Anybody has a clue on how DSM initializes the volumes at boot? Where could I add some config to automatically initialize it at boot? p.s. I tried searching for an mdadm.conf file or anything similar but I can't find anything useful...