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  1. 8 Xeon E3-1220L V2 8GB & Built in LAN adaptor + 2TB×2; I have spared Intel 9402PT adaptor.
  2. Does it Support HP Gen 8 E3 with 16GB ram without install windows and Exsi? if yes, what options is best selection for boot disk creation?
  3. Million thanks. How big / what size is good enough for the USB drive?
  4. Does this tool support the HP N54L? Did I require to run this tool from N54L with Windows 10?
  5. Dear All, I am new in here and just start to learn how to build my N54L with Xpenology. What shall I start? 1. How to create my USB bootloader 1.4 or 1.3b? 2. which version shall use DS3617xs or DS918? if I have HP NC360T dual port card?