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  1. Hi, Yeah good catch, the pictures do not correspond. I first tried with a additional passthrough disk which is the one you see in the picture. I then removed it and tried again. Which you see in the Esxi picture. So maybe you can tell if I pass the disks through Esxi to XPE. Will I loose performance? What are the cons? Thanks. Mat
  2. Hi Guys, Im having issues with my vitrualized XPE. I am running it on a dell R710 with a H200 HBA(IT-mode). The issue is that when I pass through the PCI-E HBA 4 all drives get recognized but Synology is reporting that 4 of them are 0 Bytes HDD. Ex. Esxi VM-settings: Version: DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4 Do any of you guys know what the cause of the issue can be ? In ESXI all drives are recognized. Kind regards, Mat.