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  1. Hi, PS: please feel free to tell me what I can improve Here is my 1st contribution to the forum, it's a quick .net c# script to get your NAS's public ip address and send it to your mail. The script checks for a change every 30 seconds and send the new public ip address to your mail. use-case : you have an open-vpn setup with your NAS but you cant connect to your network if your public ip has changed Pre-requisites : Have the mono package installed/running on your NAS: https://synocommunity.com/package/mono How to : open the file in a IDE or inside notepad ++, do the necessary highlighted changes (those are //inside the file) drop your file inside a folder with the execute permission look for your mono version : mono - -version compile it into a .exe using the " appropriate" command (depends on which package source you installed mono from synocommunity/synology (beta) run the package using the "mono" command publicipsender.cs
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