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  1. Thanks for your fast reply............. Can I use Rufus to make a image? Or It has to be Win32DiskImager?
  2. Hello guys, After DSM 6.x is already installed. Is there a way to access the grub.cfg on the usb bootloader drive? I need to change the serial no. Previous version of DSM, e.g. within DSM 5, the OS allow user to view the content of the usb bootloader drive, and access the grub.cfg file using File Station. But under DSM 6.x this method is not available any more. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Weird Stuff?? Yeah..... What lesson you learned here............ First and foremost, back up your important data to a USB 3 portable hard drive. I suspect your PSU has reached the time to replace a new one. I suspect motherboard is not getting stable Voltage + Current to support all the devices running.
  4. updateing I could not get 5644 to boot before using your version, I believe my issue was bzimage instead of zimage (it simply would never load). Anyway now that I got it booted I cant get the pat file to install. It just sits at 0% Here is what I have tried. 1. Removed hard drives and blanked them out with no partitions. 2. Tried a different set of hard drives 3. Disabled all hard drives but 2. Nothing allows the pat install to get past 0%. Any ideas? Previous version I could get to boot was 5565.2, no other version after that booted for me till I found your 5644.5 Hi madhits
  5. Hi, I have got some old 7200rpm IDE hard disks lying doing nothing, I am think of reusing it in DSM. Modern motherboard only provides 1 IDE connector and that is all you have. Can add support for old hardware? PATA Host Adapter? See below: I am not a Linux geek, so I not sure this link will help or not. Basically there is no official Linux drivers from Promise. But someone was kind to share out this link:
  6. Thank You Trantor . At least we nailed this annoying problem and users from the forum can use their own choice of motherboard without problem. But from my side of testing scheduled power off works fine, but not scheduled power on.
  7. Using updateing boot image, auto start in power schedule does not work either So have to keep trying guys!
  8. Hi derwoodbones While I am testing updateing boot image just a few minutes ago, my result is different than yours. My BIOS time is actually incorrect configured by DSM or XPEnoboot. I am not sure which actually set it. But it is definitely not showing the ACTUAL local time at where I am staying. It is actually 8 hours behind. If my local time is 19 hours(at night), the BIOS time will show 11 hour (at morning) However within DSM, it does show the CORRECT time. So, for my side, under power schedule, auto shutdown works no problem. And as usual, auto start up does not work for me
  9. Can someone from the forum verify that hoppler is correct? As for myself, I used to have motherboard = Supermicro PDSME server motherboard URL = which give BIOS corrupt = CMOS checksum error upon every reboot during POST. However this motherboard of mine is DEAD, so I cannot claim for sure that Updateing image works for me.
  10. Has everyone try it? If Yes and it does work for ALL kinds of motherboard, why not? [emoji851] If the Development Team is happy and satisfy this solution works, I don't see why the admin of the forum cannot make it as a sticky. [emoji851]
  11. Has everyone try it? If Yes and it does work for ALL kinds of motherboard, why not? [emoji851] If the Development Team is happy and satisfy this solution works, I don't see why the admin of the forum cannot make it as a sticky. [emoji851]
  12. Ok, are you using 3rd party power management package? like Advance Power Manager for Synology DS Link: If so, please reply. Thank you.
  13. Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, For the benefit to those, who is a real noob like me. Who does not know a single Linux command usage and meaning. Can the person who contribute the solution educate the people step by step on how to circumvent the problem. Please........ I will try to post pictures or diagrams for all user to understand better if someone can help me. Please........ I love to nail the problem once for all. Thank you.
  14. Ok guys pls give "updateing" a big thank you for his effort of sharing his work. I am not in the position to verify the solution is workable or not, hopefully the developer can take a look and nail the problem once for all! [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hello vejta66 I created this post merely to address the issue of RESET BIOS, when you set time to turn on your XPEnologized PC. The intention is to create the awareness that such a problem exist when you are playing around with XPEnology. And also share the "workaround solution" and NOT requesting for a permanent fix. Because, neither me nor the fellow forum user is able to do it, unless we are the core developers. You need to PM the administrator as to how to solve this problem. So in short, I couldn't offer any help in answering your question regarding to X64 build.
  16. Nope, unfortunately, I am still waiting patiently, unless you willing to buy the developers some beer, may be they consider solving this age old problem.[emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Yeah, if you want to the lastest and greatest, using XPEnoboot, then that is the price you pay for..... unfortunately. If are happy about using Nanoboot, then should continue using it. Question in my mind never get answer.....under what special reason that the developers were not able to crack their heads and solve this age old problem???? All the best for the coming year 2016.
  18. Hi Barat, I have not been very active in this post. Anyway thanks for sharing Unfortunately, for DSM 5.2, I am pretty sure BIOS reset issue is still exist even though I have not tested. Unless some one in the forum is willing to beg the differ. BIOS reset will occur during POST if you have scheduled the PC to shutdown certain time. Unless, you have tried new motherboards that uses the newest BIOS firmware UEFI. But still bear in mind, this is not an absolute fix on the problem. There is no 100% guarantee. You just have to keep trying new motherboards....till you are broke!!! J
  19. Or try install a Nec USB 3 chipset pic-e adapter and see will it solve your problem Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I think it is mostly hardware limitation related problem, you need to dig in deeper and see what kind of hardware chip is it using, referring to the USB chip on your N54L motherboard I have hard disk enclosure which used a Jmicro chipset to run eSata or USB 2.0 that does not support hard disk that is over 2TB capacity Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Hi pigr8, Thank you for reply. I am not a Synology DSM guru. Ok, then if it is possible, how to force the installation at Volume 2? By default, Surveillance Station Package software is always installed in Volume 1(which created by DSM by default, during 1st time install) How you manage to do it? Moving the surveillance folder out and place it on Volume 2, via using WinSCP program, that is run SSH into XPEnology system and move folder from Volume 1, and dump it in Volume 2? That simple?? Do you mind elaborate more? PLEASE!!!???
  22. Hi there, This question specifically deal with Surveillance Station package software. I just want to ask whether it is possible to have the surveillance recording be recorded on another volume/disk group? Is there an option of doing this? Be default, it is always do recording in volume 1 which is where DSM 5.2 OS is stored. So, I have created a disk group 1 with a couple of SATA HDD lumped together, using Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR) with 1 fault tolerance. How to install Surveillance Station in volume 1 (by default) but recording is stored at another storage space, in disk
  23. Just to answer the title of this post, if you are not running a couple of of XPEnologized PCs, and you got 1 to play, then you no need to mess around the serial no. to make it unique. If want to use QuickConnect ( strongly not encourage) then you need to make your serial number unique and matching MAC address, you need to refer to , refer to the tutorial tab, and find how to do change serial no. And matching MAC address for your system. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. I suggest you check on your PSU. What kind of PSU you are using, if you using those crappy PSU that uses dual 12v+ rail, pay more to get a stable single 12v+ rail PSU. I am just guessing here. But I may be wrong.[emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk