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  1. i loaded the tinycore-loader vmdk on my ESXi Host.. first the file seems to be corrupt. i fixed it with this command

    vmkfstools -i "hdd.vmdk" "fixed-hdd.vmdk" -d thin


    after that the VM starts otherwise error like
    Harddisk scsi0:0 could not be opened: not supported or invalid hard disk type 7. Make sure that the harddisk has been imported


    but the VM crash at * Creating loader image at loader.img.... *


    any idea?

  2. 1 hour ago, altas said:

    is it possible to upgrade from DSM 7.0 to DSM 7.0.1  with the DSM7.0 Redpill Loader ?

    Upgrade done!

    1. download the 7.0.1 from Synology

    2. start upgrade on the currrent DSM 7.0

    3. compile the Loader for 7.01 (i used a new USB Stick)

    4.Shutdown the GEn8 replace the USB Stick with the new 7.0.1 Loader onit

    5. Start the Gen8 and maybe 5min later you should have access again on the WebPage