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  1. same to me... Build the Boot Loader with TCRP is working but Boot into DSM with TCRP Friend => no IP
  2. with TCRP Friend no IP address, looks like the Boot loader crashes
  3. i had troubles with TCRP Friend and with my NIC.. without TCRP Friend the DX3622xs was booting up successfully. Maybe you have the same
  4. i know only this commands Check the contents of user_config.json, if satisfied keep or else run: a. Perform a rploader update by running ./rploader.sh update b. Perform a fullupdate to update all local files of your image by running ./rploader.sh fullupgrade
  5. @J3d1UK i had similar issue with my HP GEN9 DL160 and P440 RaidCard.. i switched back to ESXI Host on the DL160. and i noticed the same Speed Issue as i started to transfer the Data. as i use this as only Storage System and not Productiv its OK for me
  6. not sure if a migration to DS3622xs+ could help.. and then back again to DS918+ means create a loder with DS3622xs+ config.
  7. i did the same with my NL40 for testing... first install DS3615xs with TCRP without friend, i used the onboard NIC. do the initial setup of the DS3615xs. boot back into TCRP Builder and create the DS3622xs loader for 42962 U1. if you boot then from USB you should get the migration Screen of DSM. choose keep config or from scratch. if you want to Update to latest Update 2, manualy start the U2 Upgrade on DS3622xs 42962 U1. as DSM want to reboot go back into TCRP Builder and use postupgrade command to patch the Loader and reboot DS3622xs 42962 U2 should boot up normaly without any issues.
  8. i migrate back to DS3615XS with out TCP Friend as this option reboot the Server itself. the normal USB Boot option works perfekt Looks really the DS3622xs is not a good choice for an old HP NL40
  9. maybe it goes stuck with my Intel Quadro NIC Card.. u use current the onboard NIC from the NL54 and yes LED of the nic is blinking.. very fast so something must be go wrong
  10. no! but i figured out that the MAC was wrong.. is now set correctly but i loos PING after TCP Friend is booting the Xpenology.
  11. hello if i boot with TCP Friend i can not reach the Xpenology with IP Adress, but if i use instead the USB Boot Option then i can access it with the IP Adress also strange that TCP Friend show me a different IP Adress as i usual should have.
  12. use only ./rplaoder.sh build to get the list of all supported Build options, maybe a miss tipo
  13. what is they steps to update to 7.1.1-42962-2 if already 7.1.1-42962 (with Update 1) was successfully installed on DS3622xs ?
  14. Did you use the pat file from the TC Loder?
  15. Why not DS3622xs??
  16. Synology has now released 7.1 official, and this one is the last supported version for DS3615xs
  17. any issue with the loader for create a DS3622xs+??
  18. i switched from DS3615xs to DS3622xs without any data lose
  19. DSM Update seems to be broken, as i also get connection failed.. but i think is better to have it like this as DSM do an auto update and bricks.
  20. the outcome is a bricked xpenologgy installation my baremetal was after that in a repair loop
  21. Greate News!!
  22. Yes for the 3622 you need other serial
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