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  1. Upgrade done! 1. download the 7.0.1 from Synology 2. start upgrade on the currrent DSM 7.0 3. compile the Loader for 7.01 (i used a new USB Stick) 4.Shutdown the GEn8 replace the USB Stick with the new 7.0.1 Loader onit 5. Start the Gen8 and maybe 5min later you should have access again on the WebPage
  2. is it possible to upgrade from DSM 7.0 to DSM 7.0.1 with the DSM7.0 Redpill Loader ?
  3. On my Gen8 the Docker is still running, I have now 4 Containers started
  4. i have now docker installed on my DSM 7.0 on ds3615xs and started an nginx1 Container.. since 50min up and running.. no crash nothing add now influxdb container... keep you updated 30min running influxdb container.. no crash still stable
  5. is this Docker Crashes also in 6.2.4 or only in DSM7 ? maybe docker has some problems with DSM7 i will do a test today evening with my fresh Gen8 on DSM7 and a Docker Image.
  6. it is not asp its vsp to start the Serial output on SSH. in the grub file i set console=ttyS1,115200n8 or ttyS0,115200n8
  7. @nemesis122 you should able to connect with SSH on the ilO Port to get Serial Console output.
  8. i keept my Gen8 running over night and did not had any Reboot. i should say that its a Clean DSM installation no Docker or any other 3rd Party Software is installed right now. @nemesis122 can you pm me your Config for bromolow-7.0.1-42214 for the Toolchain ?
  9. i got it work after a lot of Linux learnings to build the Image for my GEN8 with Intel NIC i did not get anymore the this Stop at the Boot process. The InfoCenter is current empty.. seems somewhere in this thread is hint to that problem i migrated from a 6.2 installation to DSM 7.0.41222 and did not loos any of my Test Data what i have befor copied on the NAS
  10. Yes its an PCIe NIC from Intel, its should be an INTEL E1G44ET PRO/1000 ET QUAD PORT PCI-E SERVER NIC yes, i add my VID/PID etc.
  11. only Free License for iLO the NIC is active but no IP/DHCP Lease
  12. Baremetal DSM7 for a HP GEN8 i have got one from WiteWulf but it stops somewhere
  13. has someone a tut to create a loder under win10 ? my linux skills are a bit rusty you mean this partition to set as active, right?
  14. possible that 6.2.3 was the latest for xpenology. hope someone will find a way to use DSM 7.0
  15. it will not run on Xpenology.. if you try to update our Xpenology installation with DSM7 you will brick it