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  1. Successfully installed it on ESXi 6.5 on HPGen8 Thx for the info about incrase the Memory to compile the Loder to 3-4GB Important you need the .pat file in the Cache Folder to success install DSM
  2. yes this is the setup.. booting is working but the VM crashs at this point in the loader creation if i do the same with putty i lost connection
  3. i loaded the tinycore-loader vmdk on my ESXi Host.. first the file seems to be corrupt. i fixed it with this command vmkfstools -i "hdd.vmdk" "fixed-hdd.vmdk" -d thin after that the VM starts otherwise error like Harddisk scsi0:0 could not be opened: not supported or invalid hard disk type 7. Make sure that the harddisk has been imported but the VM crash at * Creating loader image at loader.img.... * any idea?
  4. I recommend not update I am sure that the package what are not supported under 7 will be removed
  5. SATA or USB Boot? i got mine ESXi Test working with SATA Boot
  6. Good explaining about SataPortMap use English translation with Google chrome when you check this page.. there are lot more stuff. ESXi config instruction etc.
  7. i have successfully created with tossp/redpill-tool-chain an bromolow 7.0.1 image and converted it to an VMDK File for my HP GEN8 ESXI Test System. first i had some issues with my 50GB Test SATA HDD.. i have to move them from Sata Controller 1 to Sata Controller 0 => 0:1, RedPill VMDK is on Controller0 0:0 to get the the HDD visible
  8. not sure if this message is still valid If you're running QEmu-based virtualization (e.g. Proxmox or VirtualBox) set vid to 0x46f4 and pid to 0x0001
  9. No Serial Only Putty with IP from ILO you can have for free a 30day Trial Full ILO License. in putty change unter Logging => All session output, to get all information from the GEN8
  10. @Mixpower so then time to check this Driver also on my GEN8 current i use the Intel NIC
  11. @Mixpower use other USB Stick, to check if you get same error with the VID/PID i had one what gives me Errors on Gen8, after switch to another USB Stick with different VID/PID it boots up
  12. I uses the portable partion Manager from xpenology Tools to set the first as active.
  13. Hehe I am happy with my 5G and for 1month test with a Public IP Yes Init7 is a good Swiss provider