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  1. Yeah great topic right? Have been running xpenology (6.1.5-15254) on a HP Proliant N54 (Gen 7)for about a year now and it works very very well. But i had a disk crash the other week that wasnt in a raid, lost nothing important but since then i have been pondering a few questions. First of all, What happens if my little server just dies, can i just make a new xpenology server from a old pc and pop my drives inside of that one and all will be fine? The reason that i ask is that im about to upgrade the drives in this guy and i just tried to install a drive to the on board 5.25 sata port and it doesnt show up in dsm. I also tried the eSata port but no luck in that one either. From what i understand i need to flash a custom bios to enable it. Flashing bios / firmware just makes me nervous.. since if i ******* up the device is bricked, so thats why im a bit nervous about my data right now. And since i might want to run 5-6 disks i also need to basicly start from the beginning with all my packages and services running on this thing. This leads me to my other question. - Can i remove the usb and the current drives to test out unraid/freenas or similar with other disks and then pop back the usb / xpenology drives and its all good?