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  1. A long way from Germany, but this will help find something danke..
  2. Thanks, Ill go hunt a card with that chipset down.. cakes..
  3. As Im having no luck making my BlacX esata dock work, I thought Id find another way to do a faster backup.. as USB2 is toooooo slow.. Can anyone offer any advice regarding PCI USB3.0 cards? Are there any commonly available cards known to work with Xpenology? thanks, cakes..
  4. The dock Im trying to use connects great via USB.. unfortunately the motherboard only has USB2.0 ports.. so backing up via USB is going to suuuuck. Found a post on the Synology forum about a guy with a BlacX who mentioned his NAS wouldnt see the drive via esata, then he formatted the drive EXT4 and tried again and it showed.. (the drive Im trying is just a random I pulled off the shelf, so its probably NTFS, figured the Storage Manager would let me format it when it found it..) So now Im tryin that.. --- that did not help.
  5. I enabled E-SATA/HW RAID Controller, and when a new option (esata controller mode) popped up, I set that to AHCI. Have restarted the NAS and still no external device shows in the list. cakes..
  6. Thanks for your reply bearcat.. Ive had a look through the BIOS.. (AMI bios..) and the only option that specifically mentions esata is under Integrated Peripherals.. "E-SATA/HW RAID Controller" which is currently set to Disabled. Under On-Chip ATA Devices Ive got PCI IDE BusMaster (enabled) On-Chip SATA Controller (enabled) RAID Mode (AHCI) Im trying to google for more info on the ESATA/HW RAID controller option now.. as the bios doesnt say anything about it in the info box. thanks, cakes..
  7. Hi all.. Running Juns 1.02b loader with 3615xs DSM (and ig88s extra-lzma) on an MSI 790FX-GD70 AMD Chipset board.. I want to be able to back the NAS up onto an external drive via my BlacX esata cradle. Ive done some googling and searching the forum, and havent hit upon what Im missing yet.. When I connect my BlacX via esata, it doesnt show up in External Devices.. Im assuming Ive got to make some config changes to make it show? thanks, cakes..
  8. I had a bunch of spare random gear lying around.. and an old 2-bay QNAP NAS that I was going to throw a couple larger drives in.. when a friend sent me a link to Xpenology.. So I threw the gear together, had to mess around a tiny bit to make the AMD board work, and in an evenings work, I now have an Xpenology NAS sitting beside me in an Antec 900 case.. So thanks to @Polanskiman for his tutorial, @jun for his bootloader, @IG-88 for the extra-lzma that let my AMD chipset talk to the network and @jensmander whose handy little utility put much of it in one easy place. If I