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  1. Progress! I had to replace the extra.lzma file (with version 4.8 for 3615) ...
  2. Haven't tried yet but this looks promising ..
  3. Finally connecting to DSM (again) .. and it detects no disks. I have a 16 drive enclosure connected to supermicro board via areca 1680 adapter. I've tried all disks in pass-through and also JBOD mode (I guess there is a difference). There is no obvious HBA mode which I assume JBOD/pass-through is equivalent. BIOS of supermicro is set to have SATA ports in AHCI mode. There are no drives connected to mb so not sure if it matters. There are two COM ports and I tried enabling the second one (first is enabled by default). The 16 drives are recognized by controller and displayed at boot time. I could create a hw RAID .. but I don't think that is recommended with NAS. Hooking a drive up to mb would work but don't have 16 ports! I could put a single SSD on mb and then try to add the other 16 after install. What to try next?
  4. Okay .. thanks. Makes a lot of sense. I switched back to default DHCP in BIOS ... AND switch LAN ports. I only have two and figured both were Intel .. maybe but it makes a difference! Now I'm getting "No hard disks" on the DSM browser based setup. Might be because of my enclosure or adapter setup. *Sigh*.
  5. I've had starting over a few times, this time using the Xpenology Tool V1.4.2 I have a SuperMicro server XDRi-F with one Xeon CPU and second CPU vacant. I have Arcea 1680xi-8 adapter connected to a Sans Digital enclosure with 16 2T drives in pass through mode. I'm using Jun's 1.02b loader (without MBR?) for DS3615XS. I followed instructions exactly, entering vid, pid, s/n, mac and writing modified img to usb. It boots fine but no matter what I do I can not connect using web to complete install. I know what the IP is .. I've set it to static in BIOS and can ping it fine. But I can't connect using ip http:\\ or locate using The Synology Assistant does locate it and has correct MAC and S/N .. but an impossible IP that is not on my network ( DHCP). When I ping that IP I get a General failure which is different than the usual "host unreachable". Seems like there should be a simple answer ... please help and thanks in advance.
  6. So I tried DS3615xs with Juns 1.03b and 1.01. But those could not find box on network. Yes, I have an intel nic. Tried the Synology assistant too. So went back to Juns 1.02b where I was least finding box. But that no longer works. The assistant found something but it was not the right ip and could not connect. So what happened to my network? I can see mac and ip on my router (but can not ping).
  7. Yes. I thought of that. So to start over I had to remove volumes on SSD on another machine and try again. Same error after being careful not to install latest. Do I need to reformat usb stick too?
  8. My bad. Can't type either. I meant I'm using DSM_DS3615xs_15217.pat . Thanks for quick reply!
  9. Hello. I followed the tutorial to install DSM 6.1.x using Jun's loader 1.02b. I'm using pat file DSM-DS3612xs_15217.pat. I updated grub.cfg with USB vid, pid, s/n mac as described. I'm going to baremetal supermicro X9DRi-F mb with single Intel Xeon E5-2630 V2, 2.5GHz. I'm able to find NAS on network connect and begin install but after I select the pat file I get the error "You have to use an installation file of 6.2.1-2384 or later. (10)" What gives?
  10. Hello, I'm a Microsoft .NET developer and have had a Microsoft based server for many years, first the now dead Windows Home Server and now a Windows 2016 server. I use it for backing up my home network .. all windows machines. It's great as it supports bare metal restore as well as file level incremental backups and also dedup. I've been working on adding a local media streaming server and after some trouble decided to go linux route. I now own two Sans Digital enclosures with 16 two terabyte drives each, and a couple Supermicro servers. The idea is to replace my Windows 2016 server and add another server to act as my media server. I've decided on Xpenoplogy for my backups and a ProxMox server to run Plex. I will run Kodi on an Nvidia Shield TV with a proxkodiconnect plugin. I hope that Active Backup on Xpenology will do everything my old backup did. If not Bacula might be an option. Should be fun getting it all to work!