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  1. Just a small update ... I finally got DSM installed on the ODROID-H2. I had to use a donor board. Setup DSM 6.2.1 using juns 1.04b loader and DSM_DS918+_23824.pat on an Asrock z390 board with 9900x and a PCIe Realtek network card (onboard card did not work). Once DSM was installed on the USB I moved it and the SATA HDD to the ODROID-H2 and it booted up. Now I'm trying to install the DSM using eMMC instead of USB and it seems the box fails to boot. If I flash juns loader onto the eMMC, I will see the loader boot up, and the usual splash screen comes up, h
  2. Small update. So I managed to get around issue b and try other loaders. The way I fixed that was used a new BOOTx64 loader for the /EFI/BOOT/BOOTx64.EFI I injected the BOOTx64.EFI from Jun's 1.04b loader into older loaders and they seem to work fine. However, issue a still persists ... so I've tried 1.02b and I'm still running into error 13 issues. Can anyone tell me how to do a force install ? I've tried googling but haven't been able to find a guide how to run a force install
  3. Hi guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been trying to get Xpenology running on the ODROID H2. Its an awesome little piece of hardware. 4 cores, up to 32gb ddr4 ram, nvme, 2 x sata, 2 x realtek 8111G lan in the size slightly larger than a nuc. Anyway, Im getting off topic here but basically I'm running into the following issues: a) If I use loader 1.04b and try to install ds918 I get error 13 right after the installation reaches 56%. b) If I use any loader prior to that, the system doesn't even boot into grub, just hangs at the bios screen righ