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  1. Thank you for the feedback. I asked simple and specific questions, and I am thankful to the one forum user who stepped in to provide simple answers, and to the one who wrote a simple but useful guide. I made commends very explicit. Many users stated that they spent hours trying to make it work, because guides were incomplete. I hope you have a wonderful day.
  2. An excellent guide can be found here: An intelligent and simplified introduction for any novice can be found here (written by munchgeil1):
  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You made the maze of confusing information simple and easy to understand and follow. I needed OS up and running, not a degree in computer science. Your recommendations worked flawlessly! You must be incredibly intelligent! Not everyone has the ability to simplify like you just did. THANK YOU!!!!!
  4. Boot options: Makes sense. Thanks. SN/MAC: How did you know to set that up? Did you just pick any? From where?
  5. I quoted those guides because because I thought they were more complete. I though your guide is incomplete because you did not: Provide hyperlinks to the files you mentioned. "Download Jun's DS3617 .img file - 1.03b." download from where? What is the explicit hyperlink you used to get the file? Here is an example of a complete one: There are dozens of sources of files on this forum, some link to Mega server, some somewhere else. Provide changes to IMG
  6. I currently own Synology, with my own porting set up (their list of routers isn't up to date), and my own access from internet (less dependent on Syno account). I think I do have basic understanding of DSM after owning it for several years. I do not have basic understanding of what Xpenology does, because there is not coherent guide and introduction. It also doesn't help that when someone mentions a reference, they either don't provide the link (hyperlink), or the hyperlink is invalid. IMO, the problem is not my lack of understanding Synology, but lack of
  7. Can you please provide reference to that tutorial? I have seen at least a dozen tutorials so far on this website. This one doesn't have files any longer: Did you mean this one: or this one: or maybe this one: or this one:
  8. Again, I appreciate feedback. IMO, the error is in Xpenology bootloaders, or a maze of its, often outdated, conflicting and/or incomplete user guides. I just tried to install FreeNAS (10 minutes exercise vs almost 20+ hours of going through Xpenology forums). When I try to install FreeNAS, I can clearly see SATA controller as an option!! I verified that I have SATA controller as an option for EVERY of the following operating systems listed, EXCEPT for Xpenology. Ubuntu, Kubuntu Mac OS Windows 10 Linux Oracle FreeNA
  9. I appreciate the answer. Fair enough. IMO, this should be clearly stated somewhere on this forum, in a place titled "Hardware Requirements"! This is a limitation, given that NVMe drives are replacing SATA drives.... Correct! Correct. I create Virtual Machines first, then defined within that virtual machines a virtual disk. How is reverse possible? How is that done? I always created VM first, then created virtual harddrive within a Virtual Machine.
  10. I see SATA driver installed. But NOTE that I have PCIE SSD (M.2) wit NVMe protocol. I do not have anything plugged into SATA drives. This website specifically says that 918 supports NVMe, and NVME is a PCIE interface not SATA. Not so?
  11. Where is SATA controller? Is this what you mean? If yes, the package is already installed. Where do you set it up for Syno?
  12. Does anyone know hot to get past this error? What is ISCI anyway? In previous Guest OS (Mac, Win), I never had to do anything about it.
  13. mandreto10

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Does anyone know why these errors happen?
  14. "set SN and mac1 fro example 0011322CA785" Where did you get SN from? "mark boot option lines you dont need in esxi" How do you determine which lines are not needed? Is there a guide?
  15. mandreto10

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    How do you know which PID and VID to use?