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  1. Oui il est gèrer directement par le controller RAID.
  2. Hello everyone ! I hope everything going well for you ;D According my first post -> I have another issue... Setup is going well, and when my diskstation reboot. My server doesn't find a bootable partition. I'm using an RAID 10 volume on 4 disks. May you help me ? Thanks, Alexis
  3. Bonjour, J'essaye d'installer un XPEonlogy, j'arrive sur le WebAssistant, je lui fait installer le tout sur mon Volume monter en RAID 10. Tout se passe bien jusqu'au moment ou ca doit redemarrer, il n'y pas de partition Synology bootable de créér. Merci,
  4. Finaly it's okay about my disk format. But now when the installation finish, it says your diskstation will reboot shortyl and after 10 minutes : Unable to find, and my server didn't restart ____________________ It's strange i tried again. And now i cannot find my diskstation again... with same bootloader x)
  5. Thanks ! Now i can access to my Synology WebStation on web, but i have a error why i tried to install it "Failed to format disk 35" I'm using this pat file : https://www.synology.com/en-global/support/download/DS3617xs#utilities
  6. Hello @hoidoi thanks to join this topic. I tried but it wasn't working. Which loader did you use ? My bios using version ZA10A290 i'll update to ZA10A360 Thanks Alexis
  7. Yes sadly with those combinations, i'm not able to join DHCP. About my BIOS : BIOS Vendor : American Megatrends Core Version : 5.12 Compliancy : UEFI 2.5: PI 2.4 Project Version : ZA10A290 One more important think, it's an AMD CPU Thank you, A.
  8. Hello, I can use UEFI with CSM or Legacy whitout CMS. I tried both but it wasn't working... I'm using DSM 6.2 for a 3615 v1.03b
  9. Thx for the reply, I'll test ASAP.
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm trying to make an XPEnology Server on my HP Proliant Microserver GEN 10. But i don't find it on https://find.synology.com i saw it's caused by "extra.lzma". And i'm here to know if a poeple have this file for HP Proliant Microserver GEN 10. Cheers, Alexis