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  1. DS918+ loader does not boot anything in my Proxmox
  2. @wenlez I can only upgrade to the posted above version - DSM_DS3617xs_23739.pat + update 2 pack
  3. Как можно все импортированные в Synology Office документы с внесенными правками, версиями, перенести на другую хрень? Я пробовал способом синхронизации папки, подключенной к Drive/Office - внес изменения в документ, получил файл формата Syno-Office, и он успешно прилетел на другой DSM. Путь общей папки такой же, имя то же. Но открыть такой файл на втором DSM невозможно - где-то хранится реальный объект, которому офис сгенерировал свой UUID и записал его в БД - но эта БД не копируется во время синхронизации папки. Где-то лежит БД с этими связями имя_файла->uuid и ее нужно дампить и испортировать напрямую черз mysql? Как вообще можно мигрировать на новый DSM со всем массивом наработок в офисе?
  4. Maybe I something forgets, but try with the next scenario (I'm sure I did these steps): 1) Boot from DS3617xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.img ->!yQpw0YTI!DQqIzUCG2RbBtQ6YieScWg?PZ4UEJDQ 2) Install DSM DSM_DS3617xs_15284.pat 3) Then after successful install and several times reboot - power off your VM (from DSM login menu in the right corner - it must work). 4) Change bootloader in the VM config to the ->!yQpw0YTI!DQqIzUCG2RbBtQ6YieScWg?7NpGVKIA 5) Install upgrade from DSM update menu: DSM_DS3617xs_23739.pat 6) After reboot - install update 2 pack from DSM update menu: synology_broadwell_3617xs.pat 7) Backup your VM
  5. It seems you still use the wrong bootloader or you installed latest DSM in automatic mode - this log about kernel panic error, and you can't fix it without changing bootloader and/or DSM version for install.
  6. So you do not yet installed DSM? Open this url in your browser to find your running loader BTW you must be in the same physical network where you have Proxmox VM running.
  7. Sorry, U'r right, it's just a synology's modules loading and vmxnet3 also there. You will not see IP ion the terminal boot log after install - log in (type your admin username and password here - which you choose during install. Then execute 'ip a' command, and you will see your interface addresses. Or you can check your DHCP server for latest leases address (belong to your mac).
  8. Seems you don't know how to read somebodies lessons) vmxnet3 instead intel e1000? Really?
  9. Release (to install with bootloader) Update for release (from installed DSM)
  10. You must read once more my next post: And second one: And use correct boot loader. Latest 1.04 bootloader don't work for me also (with Proxmox).
  11. I posted above my VM config file, why you can't try luck with it?
  12. You can't change this serial from this READY to use a bootloader if you do not change vid=0x058f and pid=0x6387 - serial depends on vid/pid. You can leave as is MAC also if you do not plan to run several DSM boxes in this LAN (so you must have different MACs and IPs).
  13. If you don't want to use USB loader style - just remove full args line and setup your VM to boot from sata disk as usual.
  14. There is no SATA images format in PVE therms - it's only variant of the bus. From my example you can Just edit "/etc/pve/qemu-server/VM_ID.conf" sata1: /absolute/path/to/your/img/file/synoboot.img After saving config - you will see this disk in your PVE GUI as SATA.