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  1. Let me introduce my build First of all Thank you guys for your help & advises. So I got my first NAS two years ago. (WD My cloud ex2 ultra) and couple months ago I got WD PR4100... Initially I choose WD just because I had no experience and I got a deal. I wasn't happy with that. I had many problems with almost everything. Customer support is terrible... Very poor OS and etc. Finally I decide to go to Synology and good for me I found this great website and project. Thanks! Parts list: 1. ASRock Motherboard Motherboards Z370M-ITX/AC ($95.90 + $8.87 Tax = $104.77) 2. Intel i7 8600k (I had 8700k but gave it to my friend on NY) = $259.89 3. EVGA 450 BT, 80+ Bronze 450W = $24.99 + $2.31 = $27.30 4. Patriot Viper Elite Series DDR4 8GB PC4-21300 2666 MHz Memory Module = $53.99 + $4.99 = $58.98 5. Lian-li q25b = $40 (Craiglist) = $490.94 1.03b + DSM 6.2 + DS3617XS. Especially want to mention MB. Happy with that. 6SATA + Mini ITX form-factor. Exactly what I want for my case. WIFI + 2 LAN ports. Good price also. I didn't include HDDs because it's all up to you. But I have 2x2TB Hitachi & 2xWD4TB Red NAS. Now I am testing the system Hitachi's HDD. Also I want copy/paste my post from my first thread about issues. I wasn't able to find NAS after first boot. I did 4 things and problem is gone. 1. Turn off Audio Controller 2. Change priority to onboard graphics. 3. Turnoff bluetooth controller. 4. Turn off wireless adapter. Please, see pictures. I will glad to know your feedback. P.S. English is second language. Post can (for sure) have linguistic/grammar mistakes.
  2. I just want to be able to see pictures and some documents sometimes. Is DS Photo doesn't work too, right?
  3. I tried to find answer but didn't find it. Looks like using a QC with generated SN is not recommended. What is the way to get access to my NAS via Android phone? Thank you guys!
  4. 1.03b + DSM 6.2 + DS3617XS. Also I forgot to mention the wireless adapter. I switched off it too. Did all same time. Who knows which one helped me. )
  5. I did 3 things. 1. Turn off Audio Controller 2. Change priority to onboard graphics. 3. Turnoff bluetooth controller. Now it works.Thank you!
  6. I did 3 things. 1. Turn off Audio Controller 2. Change priority to onboard graphics. 3. Turnoff bluetooth controller. Now it works. Thank you!
  7. Synology assistant don't see my PC. Any ideas?
  8. Hi guys. Synology assistant can't find my storage. Also I tried to find it via website. PC booted up from USB but still can't find anything. (no firewall) Any ideas?
  9. Nothing about USB-Drive size in hardware FAQ. 16 Gb USB3 is OK?
  10. Just hope it's gonna work. I like this one. Will buy it.
  11. Thank you. I am gonna buy ASRock H370M-ITX/ac LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel H370. I need one for 8th gen. Also newegg have filter with number of SATA. Very helpful. What do you think about that MB?
  12. What do you think about MSI Performance Gaming Intel Coffee Lake B360 LGA 1151 DDR4 Onboard Graphics Mini-ITX Motherboard (B360I Gaming PRO AC) MB? It has 4 SATA. Is it mean I can install 4 HDD only?
  13. flyride, it's 8086k overclocked to 5.3Ghtz +1080ti. Thank you for your answer. I will done with my build before NY. Want to do that, but have no time (
  14. I just not sure how is it work. If PC always stand by can it take 20-30W total? My PC use around 200w and around 500W during playing games.
  15. flyride, Thank you. What is idle Power Consumption should I have with 8100t/4HDD/4GbRam?
  16. So, even with 8100T NAS wiull use ~200W, right? 24/7? And DS918+ will use only 30W 24/7. Am I right? Thank you guys.
  17. Lexizilla, yeah you are right. If 8700 will take 300W 24 hours it's can cost me ~54 dollars per month. 600+ per year. Not bad for media player )) With 8100t $36.
  18. If I will transcoding is 8700 ok? Or should I consider server CPU? What about Ryzen?
  19. Thank you. Looks like I will not converting it and just watch it from server on 4k TV. I will choose motherboard by tomorrow. Will post model name here before buying. Thanks again for your patience. I think 8700 is good.
  20. Thank you. Looks like I don't understand what is transcoding and why should I use it... :) If you can explain I will appreciate. (already do). Thank you. I got my case this morning. Only MB left. Should start this project soon. I SDM too much. I never use it before but for some reasons I think it's good.
  21. bearcat, I want to use plex and direct streaming. 8700 is not enough? I read hardware guide but it's not clear about chipsets and controllers. I believe any modern 1151 motherboard are ok? Thank you! Edit: I see Synology 12 bay NAS DiskStation DS2415+ have 4 cores. 8700 should be ok? Please, explain me about direct streaming and Plex.
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