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  1. Just seeking confirmation thanks!
  2. Hi all, I am aiming to build an XPEnology NAS that doubles as a (simple) computing server. I want to follow what @flyride built here (microatx, Xeon e3-1200, large RAM, dual NVME via pcie, ready for 10GbE, extra M2 for ESXi). I have narrowed my motherboard options to the following based on features. Fujitsu d3417-b2 (cheap, low power when idle, expandable for 10GbE, video connectors although not planning to use those) Supermicro X11SSH-TF (more expensive, but built-in 10 GbE) Do you agree that these are my best options? I barely found reviews of either. Can I expect similar performance between the two? Are any issues to be expected when installing and running DSM? My first thought would be to go for the Fujitsu. Despite that Supermicro already has 10GbE at the extra price a pcie board would cost as I do not need it straight away. Thanks!
  3. Great!! Thanks. This helps a lot. Micro ATx it is then Because of the case itself, right? Not the VM part. What was the difficult part? (I do not necessarily need the hot-swapping feature. Hence I could do with a 'simpler' case.) Thanks again!
  4. Hi all! I liked my previous Synology NAS / DSM a lot! For the things it was meant for, that is. However, occasionally I think of something crazy, build a script and have it run for days. (The other day I was trying to run complex queries on a > 100GB database; I failed completely ) Hence, I was looking for a new NAS that could double as a server that could do some hobby computational work, but couldn’t really find what I was looking for. Hence I got to the idea to build something myself. i was thinking of something like the following: Xeon processor, e.g. Intel Xeon E3-1230 sounds like good value for money, but may opt to go for E5 Large RAM (at least 32GB) and/or NVME capable (although I understand from this forum that this is not supported yet?) ITX form factor 4 times 2 TB in RAID 10 ready for 10GbE Does this his make sense? What should I look for as a motherboard? Are all (recent) chipsets supported? Would this even fit in ITX cases? My usual NAS tasks: - storing photos and editing them in Photoshop - multiple background scripts for home automation - recording for few cameras - this occassional computational stuff - VPN server Thank you all for your help! J