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  1. Started a new VM... Model DS3617xs DSM 6.2-23739 Loader 1.03b I unplugged the 4 new drives and started the machine which gave me degraded. So I plugged one in and currently waiting on verification, after that I'll try another and see what happens....
  2. Can post photos when i get back home. Used 6.1 something before but reinstalled to see if it solved it but it didn't so currently running: DSM 6.0.2, loader 1.02b(not 100% on this one). The disks are connected to a passthrough LSi 2008 HBA
  3. Hi So I was trying to expand my Diskgroup going from 3 times 3TB RED disks in a SHR1 setup to a 7 times 3TB RED SHR2. All seemed fine but i can't expand the volume. Where did I go wrong? https://imgur.com/QSsFm3v