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  1. what makes you think I am " not making enough effort to find a answers before asking". as for not removing the post: thank you, i will ask on " " for my virtualbox question and thank you regarding question # 2. google translate: which makes you think that I am "not making enough effort to find answers before asking." as for not deleting the post: thanks, I will ask on "" my question about the virtual box and thank you for question number 2.
  2. 1) how can i run xpenology on virtualbox and have it auto save and start on windows reboot and shutdown? i have tired couples of solutions but when i reboot or shutdown windows it doesn't not save and then dsm complain that it was shut down incorrectly. 2) how can i have "SurveillanceStationClient.exe" auto open to live view ?
  3. ok sir thank thank you for your response and kindness, i will use version 8.2.2 . btw what does this means?
  4. so far i have tried 8.0.3, 8.1.2, 8.1.3 and only 8.0.3 has 255 licenses the others ones have only 25. do u know know how to make 8.1.2 and 8.1.3 have 255 licenses?
  5. how can i add 255 licenses to version 8.1.2 and/or 8.1.3 ?
  6. i tried ver 8.1.3 from there but it only has 25 licenses, how can i add 255 ? and also ver 8.1.3 does not have timebomb right ?
  7. one more question. how could i resize/shrink the volume.
  8. am happy to report that after doing what u recommended it worked. i went ahead and deleted partition 3, the added a new primary partition with firs sector "9453280" and follow the rest of steps for lvm and that did the trick, thank you very much, god bless you.
  9. Am using a 1 disk shr configuration and data is non important in this case
  10. thank you very much for replying. attached is a screenshot of where i am getting stuck and the same thing happens whether i clone the disk (vmdk, vhd virtual disk) or i use the "migration assistant" which i think also clone the volume.
  11. am trying to follow and in regards to: but i cant seem to be able to extend the volume to use the whole disk on a cloned partition, if anybody know how to do this or know what am doing wrong i will appreciate it.