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  1. Just upgraded the memory. It was quite easy, and gave me the chance to remove a lot of dust from the DIsk Station. Now Bitwarden works perfectly. Thanks all for helping. Yours, BInkem
  2. I checked : docker logs bitwarden-mssql Ok ordered the 8 gb memory module as outlined in this post: Now wait for Amazon to deliver the goods...
  3. I am now getting mssql restarts. According to the internet this may be a memory problem. My DS216+ has only 1 GB of memory and mssql wants a minimum of two. Has anyone else got the same problem? Or can you run mssql on a 1 Gb machine?
  4. @shrabok This seems to be helpful. I can now start BItwarden and connect to it from my home network. Tomorrow i'll try to get it to work outside the network. Yours, Binkem
  5. Hello, I am trying to install Bitwarden, but running the install script it doesn't prompt for the proxy information eg.: I've got no idea how to get bitwarden to ask these questions and I do not know what to include in the ./bwdata/config.yml to manually add the proxy. Can anyone help me out here?