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  1. I'm on BIOS J06 - anything new came out recently? As only info I found that RAID mode gives lower fan speed + hp-ams will work too.
  2. It's quite cheap card around 8-10 euro so I might try. Got extra HDD somewhere so maybe I'll find time. Wysłane z mojego ONEPLUS A6003 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  3. Ok as a summary - buying HP NC360T for my gen8 should work properly on 1.03b + 6.2u2 and should allow me to upgrade to 6.2.1? Wysłane z mojego ONEPLUS A6003 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  4. Anyone has any experience with switch from AHCI to RAID - will I preserve data or lose everything? I'm asking as currently got DSM 6.2 deployed fully working with 5 HDD and can't afford to lose anything but want to take advantage of hp-ams and get fans down.
  5. That's a good question I'm trying to answer too - as far as I know AHCI and RAID makes a difference in terms of fan speeds (noise) [less in RAID] HDD spin down [AHCI only], ODD SATA boot ability [RAID only], SMART [AHCI only], TRIM [AHCI only??]
  6. Hello, I currently own Synology DS412+ (2GB RAM) and I feel lack of power - running sonarr/radarr/nzbhydra/jackett/hass/nzbget via docker, LMS from package center and it's not too responsive - tried to fire up prestashop and wordpress recently and it's too slow so I'm thinking about adding extra NAS to my network mainly to run all those docker containers, some VMM too and leave DS412+ as a storage. I'm planning to buy HP Micro Server gen8 with G1610 CPU, 4 GB RAM and first upgrade I'm planning is to add extra 8 GB RAM - won't there be ann issues to run VMM on that machine? Another plan is to upgrade G1610 CPU to Xeon 1220v2 but will I need passive cooling?