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  1. MooseMan123

    Make drives show 1-12 instead of 13-24?

    DiskIdxMap=0C00 with SataPortMap=1 gets me nothing, I get the UI, but no disks found
  2. MooseMan123

    Make drives show 1-12 instead of 13-24?

    Perhaps I should have added more details, my goal is to get all 12 physical drives to show up while only editing the options on the bootloader, I do not want to have to edit the synoconfig. If the 50MB drive shows or not I don't mind too much. I also don't want to have to rely on a virtual disk with DSM installed I have tried, I have endlessly tried seemingly every configuration No matter what I do I get "No Hard Disks Found". I have tried endless configurations on the SataPortMap and the DiskIdxMap. Nothing makes them show up 1-12 and therefore get detected by the bootloader on first boot with zero modification of synoboot. With Just "1" entered I get all the drives as long as I expand the number of drives in Synoboot With all the numbers I have tried, I either get no webui, or no disks found. Not a single entry has made even a single disk be found by the initial bootloader. I even switched over to the other port on the HBA just in case that would help, but It didn't I am using 1.03b and I have tried both the 15 and 17 loader with no luck. Currently I have 1 vSATA (0:0) with the 50mb VMDK, and then just the LSI 9207-8i passed through
  3. MooseMan123

    Make drives show 1-12 instead of 13-24?

    Which tutorial? There are a ton of tutorials, and all the ones I have read only touch on the subject with quite vague points. Everyone keeps telling everyone else to read "the tutorial" but there is no single, main tutorial? The most detailed one is this - It says "append SataPortMap=XX" "where XX is the number of drives" which as far as I know, is wrong, because it would mean the following: I had 12 drives, there is no way I could enter "12" as that would then mean "Port 1 of first controller, and first 2 ports from second controller" which is not what I want at all Then it goes on to contradict the same tutorial and says: "SataPortMap=4 means first 4 ports of 1st controler. SataPortMap=44 means first 4 ports of 1st controler and first 4 ports of 2nd controler. SataPortMap=422 means first 4 ports of 1st controler, first 2 ports of 2nd controler and first 2 ports of 3rd controler." But how do I even tell which drivers are on which controller according to DSM? And I can only use a single digit? I am using 4 SAS/SATA ports plugged into an expander. The numbers don't really make sense. I can't tell it to use the first 12 ports of the first controller as I can only go up to 9
  4. MooseMan123

    Make drives show 1-12 instead of 13-24?

    Well, I have been messing around with this for a little while now and I don't think its possible with this hardware. Damn!
  5. Yeah that was my entire point Almost all other storage platforms let you browse snapshots on encrypted volumes. I think the issue is that the encryption is not on the whole volume, but per shared folder
  6. MooseMan123

    Impossible to migrate array?

    Which guides are you referring to? All I can find is threads with people being confused I have 1 SATA controller for the 50MB VMDK, and then my HBA. It seems like I should be entering 0 12 or 1 12, however I can't go over 9 on the entries...
  7. MooseMan123

    Impossible to migrate array?

    That's what I am doing, but no luck If I don't modify DSM to allow 24 drives they don't show up, and if I do modify DSM to see 24 drives I get stuck in the loop
  8. MooseMan123

    Impossible to migrate array?

    I have a DSM intall in ESXi, and I have an LSI 9207-8i passed through with 12 drives attached. For whatever reason, they connect in DSM on ports 13-24. Because of this, I need to modify DSM to allow more than 12 disks once its installed. And because of THAT, I must install DSM on a virtual drive first. (if I could fix that, this problem would probably be moot!) I got everything going in a test VM, and I wanted to simulate migrating the array. So I deleted the 20GB virtual disk I had DSM installed on, and made a new one. As soon as it boots it acts like a fresh install, since it can't see the other drives. So I install DSM and then modify it again to allow 24 drives. But then when I reboot, it must see the drives and it says that I am migrating from a different ds3617xs and need to either re-install DSM, or "migrate". Well, "migrate" involves pointing it at the DSM install file, which then resets the drive count back to 12... So I end up in a loop and can never seem to access the data again. Am I doing something wrong here?
  9. MooseMan123

    Make drives show 1-12 instead of 13-24?

    I have a VM intall of DSM, and I want the drives to show as being 1-12 instead of 13-24. Is there anything I can do in the bootloader config to get this done?
  10. Thanks! I just upgraded and it works fine
  11. I am making a DSM VM to handle my NAS duties, and I have 12 bays through a SAS expander and my LSI 9207-8i Because of the way the drives are presented, I must install DSM on a virtual disk first, then modify it to be able to see all 12 drives. Assuming there is no magic fix to get it to just see all 12 drives right away, how large should I make the DSM install volume?
  12. MooseMan123

    LSI 9207-8i - No Disks

    Some updates: With some help from @Hostilian I managed to get the drives to show up I didn't actually have to edit the grub config, just modifying /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf worked fine. I didn't have the other file he referenced either. I will be using the below post to get the 50MB disk to go away Its still frustrating I have to edit the synoinfo.conf. I was hoping to get it to "just work" with just bootloader modification So far with 7 random SATA-I and II 80GB and 160GB HDD's (Yes, you read that right. All I had for testing) in SHR I am getting over 350MB/s read and write on a ENCRYPTED folder. This is better performance than my real DS1817+ with all nice shiny new 8TB drives. I guess 8 vCores from an E5-2680V2 helps... I am also still trying to figure out if I will need to keep DSM installed on a virtual disk (Not that I am against it), and what size I should really use
  13. I have a DS1817+ with a dual port Mellanox ConnectX-2. Currently it works fine, and I get the full 10G in iperf From also messing around with xpenology, its clear the 6.2.1 update will break a lot of PCIe devices. What are the chances this also kills my NIC in my genuine Synology? the Mellanox ConnectX-2 is not on the QHL
  14. Perfect, that made them all show up! I may play around with the numbers a little more to see if I can get it to show a max of 12 slots (The max that I have) Have you figured out a way to hide the 50MB VMware disk?