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  1. PID/VID флешки верные выставил? Вот что пишет разраб по этому поводу: "Note 3: Please check you have the right VID/PID prior proceeding. If you get the following error ”Failed to install the file. The file is probably corrupted. (13)" it means your VID and/or PID is wrong. If you are 200% sure that your VID/PID is correct and you still get that error message then try to 'Force Install'."
  2. Hello, i've got some issues with internet access for my synology installation on microserver g7. By instruction create flash with synology, change PID/VID, generate SN which was accepted in, regenerate MAC and succesfully installed on Microserver g7. Next few hours all was work right (i've installed letsencrypt cert via web) and after 2-3 hours internet is gone. No network access to external network (internet). In network setting nothing changes , another hosts are working well. I cant install any package via package manager. What's can be problem? Maybe in SN? I'
  3. Коллеги, подскажите пожалуйста : По инструкции создал флешку, заменил PID/VID, подобрал SN который успешно принялся на сайте, сгенерировал MAC и успешно все установил на Microserver g7. Далее несколько часов все работало корректно, даже успел через letsencrypt сгенерировать сертификат, а после как-будто пропал интернет на сервере. В рамках ЛВС ничего не изменялось, на остальных хостах системы все работает корректно. Соответственно никаких пакетов не могу ставить. Подскажите в чем может быть проблема? может ли быть проблема в серийнике? производил вход в аккаунт с
  4. Приветствую! Есть Microserver G7, на борту стоит VMWare Esxi 5.5 , в ней виртуалка с загрузочным диском xpenology gnoboot-alpha. Сейчас стоит версия 5.0-4458 update 2, хочу обновить до последней 4493 update 7. Делаю по инструкции (по 2м вариантам) - загружаю пакет через веб морду, в консоли через sed заменяю вхождения и муваю файл: sed 's/flashupdateDeb/flashupdateDeb1/' / > /autoupd@te.info1 mv /autoupd@te.info1 / тыкаю обновить - он валится с ошибкой "обнаружена неизвестная ошибка (21)" В чем может быть проблема?
  5. Hello! What kind of problems with Plex on XPEnology are you have? I'm using latest version of XPEnology DS3612xs on HP MicroServer G7 - all right. Thanks!
  6. Probably I made all I want. I've installed ESXi 5.5 on HP Microserver Gen7 on my 40 Gb SSD. After that I create virtualmachine with XPEnology using converted gnoboot-alpha10.5-ext2.img into VMDK (converted VMDK you can download using next link I've created VM with next preferences: CPU - 2 Memory - 4Gb SCSI Controller 0 - LSI Logic Parallel Network adapter - VM Network (E1000) Hard Disk 1 - 32 Mb (Converted IMG to VMDK) - IDE (0:0) Hard Disk 2 - 5 Gb (For installing XPEnology) - SCSI (0:0) After that I started VM, installed XPEnology and shutdown it.
  7. Guys, is there anybody who has made work XPEnology on ESXi with normal speeds? If yes - what type of controller in VMWare are you using and what about specific setiings? Thanks!
  8. I got same results. I found out that the RDM solution makes the access to HDD much slower comparing to the VMDK-drive. In random places in this forum, I read similar results. Currently, I decided to use XPEnology on the real device, but spend the smallest drive for ESXi needs. Today, I've installed ProxMox and install XPEnology in virtualmachine - I've got about 40-45 Mbs in writing on disk. Thats much better, but i will search more to have good result. Maybe try Citrix Xen Server?
  9. Hello! I've installed XPEnology gnoBoot on my HP Microserver G7 N54 over ESXi 5. All right, but my speed of copying on XPEnology is very slow (at beginning over 60 Mbs, after that it go lower to 5 Mbs). If I install XPEnology as real OS on my disk speed of copying files into Microserver over 110 Mbs. If you have got same scheme can you provide me your speed. At this moment I will try installing another hypervisor (Proxmox) and test XPEnology on it. Can it be some troubles with configuration of ESXi and problem can be solved by fixing it ? Thanks!