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  1. Also update to 7.0.1-42218 Update 1, works fine on my Gen8 baremetal. Update is only 6,47MB so minor fixes, won't brick RedPill!
  2. He used 420Xnu repo, are there fixes in there which are not included in jumkey's repo?
  3. As @WiteWulfsaid you need to include the tg3 driver in the image.
  4. Just clone the redpill-load develop branch from jumkey and make sure you have the correct config files in your toolchain folder for 7.0.1-42218, and use local_rp_load_path to point to your cloned redpill-load folder.
  5. I have now succesfully upgraded to 7.0.1-42218 and it works great on my Gen8 Microserver with the develop branch of jumkey.
  6. No it is not working with my LSI 9207-4i4e so I am now using the B120i set on AHCI, which is just a software raid controller which is built-in with a Gen8 Microserver(e3-1265l v2). And 7.0.1-42218 does not boot at all on my Gen8, this is all Bromolow as Apollolake is not compatible.
  7. I'm using the mpt2sas drivers from pocopico and have 4x 2TB drives with 7.0-41222 ds3615xs image.
  8. So far my Gen8 Baremetal is working great using the B120i (AHCI) on 7.0-41222, I can't get my LSI 9207-4i4e (IT firmware) to work but I also don't see any speed difference at this moment. When I try 7.0.1-42218 it boots a little bit but then I get on Serial output -R-R-R-R-R-R and reboots.
  9. I'm using Redpill and using 7.0-41222 I can't seem to get 7.0.1-42218 booting all baremetal.
  10. Thanks, I'm using a Gen8 Microserver with a LSI 9207-4i4e card and all 4 disks are detected when the loader is booting but in DSM only one disk is available. So for now I am using the B120i in AHCI and now I have 4 disks working.
  11. Okay great, weird mine does not work. With the b120i in AHCI mode it works fine though, guess I'll be looking for a new HBA.
  12. Thanks for sharing your config, still weird I can't seem to get this working.. I'll use the B120i for now until there is a solution, my LSI card works fine with Jun's loader though.
  13. You are using a SAS 2008? With my 9207-4i4e my disks are detect on boot but DSM only sees one disk in the end. Is it flashed in IT mode? Thanks!
  14. I don't but I want to use my LSI controller, I already wiped the whole system now and it only sees disk 8 even though these drives are connected to 0,1,2,3 and are all present at boot as seen by the output. I also tried the mpt2sas driver of @pocopicoinstead of the one from ThorGroup but the issue remains.