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  1. Hello, I have a virtualized DSM running on a Proxmox hypervisor. Via this hypervisor I pass a Pcie SATA controller with 4 ports to the DSM with Intel VT-d (IOMMU). That all works out pretty well, too. Now I only have the problem that I can't read SMART values from the hard disks via the controller, although the controller is able to do this. Does anyone else have a similar problem? Does anyone know a controller card where this works with VT-d? Unfortunately I only have one Pcie 1x 2.0 slot available. My actual Controller is a Marvell 88se9215 Thank you in advance
  2. Hello, before i updated my hardware to the newest bootloader, everytime i looked in the system log, i found some lines stating "Internal disks woke up from hibernation.". Since then i installed DSM 6.2.1 and updated the device from DS916+ to DS918+, but now i don't see these messages anymore. Is this hibernation function still working with the new bootloader? Does somebody experience the same? The logging function for disk hibernation is still enabled in the settings.
  3. Hi, i have recently bought a WD MyBook 8TB for backup reasons. For my NAS i'm using DSM 6.2.1 with the latest loader for the DS918+. The problem is now that the MyBook USB drive isn't going to sleep at all. In the past i attached a seagate 2.5" drive with a USB to SATA converter to my NAS and everything worked fine. Is there some way to enable the kernel to allow the MyBook going to sleep? I just don't want to install the hdd internally (because of warranty reasons).
  4. Hello, i built a NAS with the Asrock J5005-ITX Board. Its SoC is officially supporting a max frequency of 2800 MHz but the DSM System seems to never use this turbo frequency. Even if I stress out the CPU, the command "dmidecode -t processor | grep Speed" gives me the following result: Max Speed: 2700 MHz Current Speed: 1500 MHz scaling_max_freq and cpuinfo_max_freq in /sys/devices/system/cpu/... is also both 1501000. How can I get this to work? I'm on DSM 6.1.7 with the DS916+ Model. PS: Antworten auf Deutsch sind mir auch Recht. :)
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