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  1. Used these Tutorials and the loader of @jun. And my new server is up and running and working perfectly. But it would not have been possible without this forum and @Polanskiman help. So I wanted to say thank you very very much for everyones efforts, advice, help, suggestions, tuturials, LOADERS and more. I Used the following Build, if it helps somebody build their own Exponology server. I wanted a silent but CHEAP buid. So most of these components where older generation or in discount somewhere. Build cost 330. Asrock H110M Hepa+ 500 PSU Crucial 2400 4gb ram Intel G4400 CPU Fractal Design node 304 Black Seagate Iron wolf Nas hdd 2x Directly installed the 6.1.7.pat using the Loader from Jun. Ran on the first try, without problems. After that used the DDNS + VPN tutorial. Which didn't work at first because of port forward problems at VPN end (The coudn't/wouldn't port forward) So used the multiple gateways option. Normal external web access runs through the router gateway. The rest is routed through the VPN gateway. Not as safe as I would prefer, but it works. Again thank you very much very body. And keeping a close I for a stable version of the DSM 6.2 keep up the great work.