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  1. Great, will move the USB stick into the internal socket then to keep it neater and keep an eye on how it boots. Will check out the FAQ's. Looks like i have lots of reading to do
  2. Thanks. Looks like i managed to get it working and updated to 6.1.7 so am now up to date. I appreciate this is now a turn from the original post but seems silly to create new threads. I have a couple questions 1 - Am i meant to leave the USB drive with the bootloader on plugged in or has the software now been installed on my main hard drives on a partition? Whenever i reboot after an update i seem to always have a bit of hassle to get booting correctly/being recognised by my pc 2 - The control panel has a permanent red notification telling me there's an update. I've turned off automatic updates (as much as i can) but it's still trying to tell me to update. This is irritating but i can live with it 3 - I presume because this isn't an official Synology device i can't register for Synology QuickConnect? Whenever i try to set it up through the device i get an error message. Any advice for configuring remote access? I'm using a Unifi based network if that helps.
  3. Will try that again tonight, although i think i might have broken that particular pendrive, it shows up in Device Manager but not in Disk management/File Explorer. This is why i should stick to windows 😛
  4. Thanks, seem to have got that sorted now. Just need to get past the next section now. I put my bootloader drive in and it stopped refreshing, but no sign of the device in the synology assistant. Got another pendrive and reloaded the image. This time it stopped refreshing at the same point as expected but it showed up in the Synology assistant. Only issue was i'd forgotten to change the VID/PID details to match the pendrive so it wouldnt load the PAT file Then got a third pendrive, set the VID/PIN details and serial no etc but am getting the same results as the first time where it's not showing up in the synology assistant. I've also noticed that the unit is no longer being registered by my router. Could i have knackered something? I'm using a HP Microserver Gen 8
  5. Hi I've recently bought a used HP Microserver. The previous owner had XPEnology 5.2 installed. I also want to use XPEnology so thought it would be a fairly simple process to stick a USB drive in with the bootloader software. Hit install and away i go. My issue seems to be that in the installer section it gives the option to Install/Upgrade. Once i click that it whirrs away and does it's thing but then i'm still left with the previous users installation as i presume it's doing the "Upgrade" part. Is there a way to do a complete wipe and start again? Sadly i no longer have a pc to connect the drives to for formatting.