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  1. (Извините, я француз и здесь использовал Google Translate) Здравствуйте, уважаемые пользователи Synology! Я просто хотел знать две вещи об этой трещине Surveillance Station: Бомба замедленного действия все еще эффективна? Как мне понизить текущую версию 8.2.8 до 8.2.7, доступную по ссылке megaupload? ИСТОЧНИК: ВЕРСИИ СТАНЦИИ НАБЛЮДЕНИЯ: Спасибо за ваш тяжелый труд
  2. Soon ... website creation actually IN PROGRESS
  3. I'm still around guys, don't worry. Just waiting for DSM7 BETA to be released for me to test my things, and then, I will release something when DSM7 stable will be release definetely. Please stay notified on this post
  4. Hello everyone, As I said, I will wait for the DSM 7.x to be released. At that point, my hack works fine on a DS1010, and it even receives automatic updates. In a near future, I will probably release something, but anywa, in the meantime, please be patient and keep your good'ol NASes devices preciously ... they are still not good to go to the recycle bin ! And don't worry, I will post back here soon.
  5. Hello All, Just to inform you that I successfully installed latest DS 6.2.1 on my DS1010+ with everything running fine so far ... even automatic updates apply and run fine after reboot of NAS. I managed to get this damn thing running and installing updates after some modifications. Not publishing this method will allow me to keep the new updates running ... maybe I'll publish them when DSM 7.0 will be out and if I successfully manage to deploy it on my DS1010+. Cheers
  6. Olegin, I know that no one probably discussed such a thing here ... I'm just trying something that no one tried at all. Like we say in French : "There is a beginning for everything" ... and here I'm trying to do so. I think my problem is software dependant and not related to hardware here.
  7. Sorry, When I created it I wanted to move here, but I couldn't using the thread options I had ... my bad.
  8. DS1010+ and DS1511+ are identical in terms of H/W. Only exceptions are : CPU (Intel ATOM D510 vs D525) : just a matter of Mhz eSATA port config Why shouldn't they be compatible so ?
  9. Ah ok, I understand that, and actually this is not a Synology support related problem ... hum not really at least What I'm trying to achieve is something pretty similar to XPEnology : putting DSM on unsupported hardware. Unsupported hardware can be server H/W ... or Synology's products (which are not supported any logner) right ? I'm quite sure that when XPEnology has been made, the case I'm facing has been encountered.
  10. Hum ... I did not understand what you said. Does that means : I won't help you because you're not helping XPEnology ? If that is the case ... then it is too bad unfortunately
  11. Hum I agree on that, except the fact that I just started investagating DSM contents and structure. As XPenology seems to work with versions above 6.0, I'm quite sure it already experienced such problems like the one I'm facing. By the way, I'm pretty sure the workaroung is easy (maybe copying files from DSM6.0 to the one I want to install), except the fact that I don't know the software/hardware protections that are contained in DSM starting on the problematic version I'm facing. Good thing to know : All versions up to 6.2.1 seems to have the same behavior, so reso
  12. Except the fact that this model (DS1010+) is not made to support anything higher than DSM 5.2 Update 8. This is why I'm looking for a solution here
  13. Hello Everyone, I'm writing here because I tried to upgrade my DS1010+ to various different DSM releases (based on DS1511+ which is still supported by Synology). The only one that got 100% working was 6.0 ... I mean, everything higher than this release seems to end up with these problems : No more informations regarding CPU/RAM in the WebUI widget System monitor refuses to open with an error message Volumes are not available thru WebUI ... but connecting with SSH seems to be fine to access them /var/log LOGs seem to contain some informations (