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    Microserver Dropouts

    Hi guys, thanks heaps for all your help; after quite a bit of tinkering with the various ways to update to v4, finally managed to do so, and actually still found the drop-outs occurring (in spite of everything else on the network still being contactable, etc.); what I did then, just to see if it made any difference, was take the manual IP/DNS specs off (configured within Xpenology), turn on DHCP, and weirdly enough, everything is now working fantastically :S Thanks again though, for looking into the issue, and providing responses.
  2. nateboy

    Microserver Dropouts

    Oooh, right, thanks for the tip, will do that asap and see if that resolves things (also)
  3. nateboy

    Microserver Dropouts

    Oh, sorry, seems to be... "4.3-3810"...? The CPU Usage seems to be pretty low (ie. less than 10%), but will continue to monitor...
  4. nateboy

    Microserver Dropouts

  5. nateboy

    Microserver Dropouts

    Looking for some help/ideas from the brains trust; I've recently rolled my own xpenology install onto an N54L, went well enough. Assigned it to a static IP rather than DHCP, and then hooked it up to a Ethernet over Powerline network at my parents place, and was it was reachable/highly contactable for both web-admin/file access across the network. I've since then brought the server back to my own place, plugging it directly through ethernet into the modem/router, and now face intermittent contact issues to it. A lot of the time I will get an issue reaching either the shared folders (either from a laptop or PS3) or the web access, or if I do, the connection will inevitably drop-out. The weird thing is though, accessing the Internet is still fine, i.e. at the same time as getting server can't be reached messages, I will be able to pull-up internet pages fine. So on paper, that would seem to rule out phsyical network connectivity issues between the devices, given that they all seem to still be talking to the modem/router fine, and the comm drop out specific to the server...?