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  1. meinst Du dass da? viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1353
  2. Would it be possible to install Linux or Windows and run XPEnology over it (in Virtual machine) or directly with VMware ESXi and then see the DSM interface in the OS installed on the same nas?
  3. I would replace the "WIFI-N at 300" with a cable to the 10/100 router and check if it's faster. Or it might be the connection mode you are using. Are you seeing the DSM on your PC as a network drive? (displayed as "\\DSM" or the name you gave it in Windows Explorer/Total Commander...)
  4. Hi all, My DDNS can't be used with XPEnology, so I tried to register for Synology DDNS. Before editing the serial and MAC address I got an error message that I can't register more then 5 accounts per day, while I was trying to register for Synology DDNS. Now, with my new S/N and MAC XPEnology is running fine, but get an error because my password is not right for Synology and can't register... Is there a solution for this? Thank you in advance!