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  1. Don't worry, I think I can handle this, but you should have thanks for the information regarding the docker, had no idea exactly what it was, but now I know! My life becomes so much easier now suddenly;)
  2. Alrise! I have read about the docker but do not really understand how it works, desire to explain or give me a guide on how to go about it? I'm not an expert on this really yet. Run xpen under 6 months only and it is slightly locked compared to a real linux dist unfortunately.
  3. I had intended to install the irc client irssi, and possibly torrent client among other things on the server. To do so, some other things must be installed first, ipgk i have understood it as. It is preinstalled on other linux systems and is very useful. To be able to install this I am looking for someone who can refer me to a good "How-to, step by step" guide so I can get started and do this. If there is anyone who knows this, please inform me. Thanks in advance
  4. Which good, and stable torrent clients are good to use according to you? I am good less at the original "DownloadStation" but at the same time it is very good because there is mobile app to use for this program. But apart from that, I'm tired of the *******, what are people recommended? ;) Best regards / zodiax
  5. Good evening! I've been driving my Hp microserver for a few months now and learned a lot and tried and developed, and of course made some things wrong and thought that a reinstallation would be in place and change from box 1. Now I have 4 disks in which is relatively full of data that I would rather not want between storing on other devices when I'm going to reinstall, in the same vein, I was going to make a new bootloader that's of a newer version. How do I do without losing everything?
  6. I already use DSM's built-in and that's certainly good, I think. Cpu, lan ports, hdds I would like to start by checking through text promt. Most of the knowledge should. I have set up ssh and changed port of course. When not in use, I turn it off so it is not active. Have had lots of login attempts from Russia, China, etc. So it's closed when I'm not using it. I'm "noob" but want to learn and play with some more advanced shapes SNMP software? paesseler prtg, will look in to it. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Hi, I'm still new with Xpenology and Linux, I've searched and searched for finding good commands via ssh to check the status of the server, someone who knows some good? Also good if you can check the security holes and, incidentally, block them. Thanks!
  8. Though that it could be good to update about my cloud work Installed Nextcloud and php, phpmyadmin etc, and works just like i want. Awesome, both for the phone app and on the computer! I litle configs and so on but it works great!
  9. Have not figured so, Cloud Station Server sounded right when I saved my pictures on the server's "clouds". Are your photos automatically saved from your phone to the server with Photo Station, or do you transfer it on your own when you know or how does it work?
  10. Hi! I have now run my gen8 server whit DSM 6.2 and works great! Now I thought to start up a Cloud Server for myself but I dont really find any good guides or videos, the videos i found shows how to sync files between windows and nas, or mac and nas whit Cloud Station Drive. I want to use the DS Cloud to send my photos of kids and dog etc directly up to my nas, just like my photos sends to my icloud accout. I think DS Cloud is the correct app to use, but i might be wrong, so, does anyone know anything how to do this on a correct way? B00tytrap have done some good video
  11. Hey Bearcat ! Okey, so iam on the right track! Good
  12. The router supports ddns bit not vpn server. I have put in ddns name in the router and in the dsm bit no vpn server in router. So i Will set up a vpn server insted. I only need access to server anyway so it dosent mather. Is OpenVPN the right way? Or should it be IPSec? I will figure it out but to save time its good whit help thanks for answer
  13. Does it work whit OpenVPN to access my files by 192.168.1.x or should it be IPSec? There is a good youtube guide by bootytrap, he setup it by OpenVPN.
  14. I've got it working to access DSM at port 5000, so I'm making progress here. But I'm still a bit uncertain of both the theory and practice. So, set up a VPN server with Open VPN which is the best, and then can I access my entire home network through the local ipn (192.168.x.x)? The DDNS address can I use instead of knowing my server's external ip. Name.ddns.net. Am I right?