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  1. Hardware System: Supermicro X8SIE-F Intel Core i5 660@3,33GHz | 32 GB DDR3 ECC | Intel® 3420-Chipsatz | 4x Intel® 82574L Gigabit-Ethernet-Controller | 6x HDD-T4000-HUS726040ALE61 | Boot: Juns Loader 1.02b (ds3617xs) DSM_DS3617xs_15217 und alle neueren. Habe auch DS3617xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b (MBR_Genesys) .img und alle für DS3615 xxx ausprobiert. Meldung ein Fehler ist aufgetreten - Wir können Ihren NAS nicht Identifizieren. Kann mir jemand dabei Helfen oder sagen, woran es liegt das, das System nach dem Neustart nicht funktioniert und die Anmeldeseite /Re
  2. but still purely from their own drive! and willing to do it that way i want to test it for myself.
  3. no, we do not intend to do that either. It is for internal use only, but customers and employees need to be able to access quickly. there is no access to the internet, but only to the intranet. but we have more than 10000 TB of data here and our employees and customers need access to it. But maybe you're pretty sure it's safe until I find a solution with DSM. There are already many ISPs that use DSM in racks, think they would not do it if it were unsafe.
  4. BTW2: You can use a free ESXi license on your NAS for free Yes, but we have many servers in use where we need the licenses and with a free license is very limited in the functions. I would like to get rid of that by running DSM directly on the servers without ESXI.
  5. Sorry, nothing worked out fast, Corsor stands, no pit no picture and no server like that with Synology Assistant visible. Times have another network card of realtek installed synonymous with it does not work. Despair slowly.
  6. ok thanks i'll give it a try, but i'll come tonight, then will answer how it worked.
  7. Thank you for your answer, Unfortunately, I can not offer you more information. Have already tried with all boot loader, have adapted the config have also added extra3617_v4.8 to have a larger selection of drivers and nothing works. Man sees only the Corsor flashing and that's it, on ESXI 6.5 it runs perfectly but I would like it without ESXI on the hardware. Since I still have a par of the server around here and still have accumulated over time, a lot of data. In addition, the ESXI Licensen are slowly too expensive for me. USB Stick ist a Hersteller-IDProdukt IDNameKomm
  8. It is a bit strange that you get as new in here in the forum no answer, is there a secret language to get answers? I would like to bring DSM 6 to an IBM x3650 M2 without ESXI. Has anyone made any experiences with it or who can help me?
  9. All my own attempts failed. the bootscreen could never be reached. Who is able to help me or create a boot image for me either for CD / DVD or USB? I would most like DS3617xs 6.1 because we have installed in this server 12 SAS / SATA hard drives.
  10. Ich habe eine CD für einen IBM x3650 M2, Hardware: 8 CPUs x Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU E5530 @ 2.40GHz RAM 128 GB - PC3-10600 BIOS-Überprüfung : - [D6E164AUS-1.22] - RAIDKONTROLLER: ServeRAID-BR10i-Adapter (LSI 1068E) SAS-Festplatten 12 x 600 GB Problem ist, dass ich keine Boot-Boot-Datei gefunden habe, die weiter vorne ist, aber es ist ein SynalogyAssistant, der keine IP-Adresse hat und in der Config angepasst werden kann. Kann ich für dieses System eine passende ISO Version erstellen, in der alle Treiber vorhanden sind? Schön je
  11. Danke es hat zum Testen Wunderbar geklappt. Danke dafür an die Autoren und die Betreiber der Webseite.