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  1. To throw another spanner in the works.... If I upload a larger 1GB file via the web interface in Chrome I get 30 - 60MB/s over WiFi (45 seconds)! A 40GB file also took 37 mins which I'd say is good enough. I think I'm connecting correctly when I mount the drive in OSX so I have no idea what's causing this massive difference.... When I use the work laptop with built in ethernet I get 85MB/s upload via the web interface. Sadly due to policy it doesn't look like I'm able to mount the drive in windows to try a transfer via that. Any ideas why mounting the drive would be THAT much slower?
  2. Haha it's a macbook! I can't remember the last time they had ethernet ports, or any new slim laptops for that matter My work lenovo laptop has an ethernet port so I'll give that a go when I get a chance and see what that comes back with. Both macbook and hub should be N standard at least...
  3. Mostly over WiFi as that's how I plan on really using it. Some timing stats for transferring a 512Mb file (mac to DSM) over wifi and cable from the mac to the homehub: WiFi: 3minutes 17seconds. Cable (usb ethernet adapter into mac): 43seconds. Massive difference over WiFi although 43seconds for 512Mb for cable doesn't seem great... I do notice the transfer bar isn't smooth so it'll do a burst then stay on the same value for 5-10 seconds before jumping again. Maybe the LAN support on this card is just no good
  4. Any suggestions on how to track the traffic? Currently I've downloaded a single 1GB file from a speed test website and I'm just using the system tools (drag and drop copy) to transfer them over, which I can understand might not be over accurate but it will be how the drive is generally used... The laptop spec points to gigabit and the BT home hub is gigabit so I think that part is fine. I'll try another cable tonight as I've only used the one so far but have a few lying around. The laptop is pretty vintage as it was an old one the parents had that I re-purposed. I believe it's a Dell Studio 1537 (or one of the studio 15* series), but with extra RAM (3GB total). Unsure on actual age though.
  5. The drive is a Hitachi SATA 3.0Gb/s drive running at 5400RPM. Does it really make THAT much of a difference in terms of speed? Since this is a laptop I'm not sure there's much I can do about the network card? All research online points to it being gigabit speeds.
  6. I'll check that later when home, hopefully it's written on the drive as I don't think you can check that from within DSM? I'll get a stat from my macbook too. Do you think DSM is incorrectly reporting it as "1000Mbps, Full Duplex, MTU 1500" then?
  7. Hi all, I've setup DSM on an old laptop I had lying around and it's all installed and up and running fine. No noticeable lag, 1% CPU and 7% RAM usage at idle. However I'm getting absolutely dreadful transfer speeds. The laptop is connected to a BT home hub via ethernet cable and my macbook is connected over WiFi, although going via ethernet doesn't make a massive difference when tested. Transferring a single 1GB file from a windows laptop to the DSM laptop was transferring at a solid 11.4MB/s over ethernet. So I'm not sure what the exact spec is but this is what the synology DSM reports it as: CPU: Intel Xeon D-1527 2Ghz RAM: 3GB HDD: 500GB SATA. LAN: 1000Mbps, Full Duplex, MTU 1500. Unsure where to check for the bottleneck, any tips on what to check next please?