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  1. coffe lake cpus with uhd gpu are not supported by the kernel in loader for now, this chart is for ds918+ loader video transcoding with hardware acceleration
  2. thx, kernel 4.14 starting support uhd gpu, lets w8 for new xpenology loader with new kernel
  3. Linux kernel 4.14 start support uhd gpu with set boot arg, synolgy kernel is much older than that
  4. i got j4105 (same gpu as j5005) work with emby in openmediavault.
  5. j4105 should be support hardware acceleration at next dsm version, and j3455 hardware acceleration perfect working now
  6. just got j3455, hardware acceleration seems has bug , not working well,
  7. hi unplug ur monitor from dsm. should be fine
  8. i did some research. follow cpu should have Hardware Acceleration with 918 loader but only if u have a real diskstation, and copy sn mac from it
  9. because is not support Intel Quick Sync Video
  10. not working , get a j3455 instead, or wait for a new version deskstation with j5005