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    I had to change the mobo to J5005-itx because the J4105 was no longer available. So I use a 2.5 hdd and not the ssd. Thank's
  2. Smoke99

    Shopping list

    Hello, I want to assemble a diy nas, I thought about these hardware: PSU: be quiet! Pure Power 10 CM 400W___53euro MB + CPU: Asrock J4105-ITX___82euro RAM: Kingston SO-DIMM DDR4 2400MHz 4GB___42euro CASE: ?? (min 4x3,5hdd slot) HDD: allready have 2x4tb ironwolf + 250gb ssd or 2,5 hdd? Do you have any tips or suggestions? thanks's
  3. Smoke99

    Nuova installazione xpenology

    Ciao a tutti, Sono un novellino di xpenology e vorrei effettuare l'installazione sul mio vecchio portatile per fare dei test. Seguendo la guida sul forum leggo: Chose the one you need: DS3615sx or DS3617sx or DS916+. Download the ".pat" file not the ".pat.md5" In base a cosa dovrei scegliere uno di questi modelli? Grazie