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  1. I actually only had to run it once, and I never had to run it again... YMMV.
  2. Will creating a task for the script to run at startup not work for this? I'll have to test it out.
  3. I think I love you. That worked! Thank you so much! It was driving me nuts!
  4. I have an SC846 chassis with the SAS2 backplane that's connected to the motherboard via a Dell H310 card (flashed to IT mode). Do any of you have a similar setup, that some how makes it so your locating LEDs on each of your drive bays is flashing? I noticed after flashing the card and getting it all setup again that the red drive LEDs were flashing, and they won't turn off. Now that I'm not running my M5015 cards where I can run the MegaRAID software, I can't go in and stop the LEDs. Any insight here?
  5. Unfortunate about Quicknick. I imagine a lot of people would have loved to have used his more-than-26-drives bootloader/DSM package.
  6. Thanks all. So with Jun's loader, I can get a max of 26 drives... I see instructions from Quicknick on his loader to get up to 64 drives, and found what I thought were the files here: https://xpenology.club/downloads/, but I find nothing else on his loader. Did he make it, provide instructions, but not actually release it?
  7. That's great to know, thanks. I've searched for "xpenology more than 12 drives" and other terms on Google and found nothing about a 24 drive limit. How would I go about ensuring that DSM then only sees my 24x hot-swap bays and not my internal Santa connections on my motherboard? In storage manager, I believe the disks start at an odd number, and then the hot swap bays were disks 11-34. How do I get DSM to see the hotswap bays as disks 1-24?
  8. Preface: I'm new to Xpenology and DSM... Long story short, I'm building a new (really just reallocating hardware) 24x SAS drive SAN and decided to run Xpenology on it following THIS to do the install and THIS to increase the disk capacity beyond 12 drives. Everything went great. I had a couple 3TB drives that I copied my vCenter VMs to, took all of the SAS drives from my hosts, put them in the 24 bays of my SAN, and started to migrate the VMs to the two R10 arrays I created via iSCSI. Migration was going great... I migrated everything but the vCenter appliance.... Well, I was migra