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  1. I know this is a Synology effort site, but was just wondering. Is it possible to port Qnap QTS 4.1 onto a diy NAS? Google search was unproductive. Thus I pose this question for the experts of this site who might know.
  2. After SSh to your diskstation, put in the following command exactly and press ENTER to enter text edit mode: vi /etc.defaults/VERSION move your cursor around until you find the row start with "smallfixnumber". Then press "i" on your keyboard. Use backspace to delete "2", and press "1" on your keyboard. Now you finished modifying the file. Press ":" and then press "w" and "q" on your keyboard, followed by ENTER, the file is now saved with the change. Go to your diskstation web UI, you should see it now display "Update 1" instead of "Update 2", otherwise something went wrong, try agai
  3. Sorry for the noob question. Once SSH'ed into Disk Station as root, I was able to locate the VOLUME file. What is the syntax (how do you edit the value) to 1. Thanks