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  1. Hm, do you know if any other model does support this? I used to run the ds3615 but I changed it at some point (not sure why). Or perhaps I should switch to some other Hypervisor to run my VirtualMachines (esxi for example) and then run xpenology in a VM.
  2. Is this script supposed to be compatible with i5-4590T (base 2GHZ, boost 3GHZ). I always thought my virtual machines where slower then when I was running Linux but I just thought that it was overhead. However I recently noticed that my CPU was running at only 2GHZ so that would also explain it. With the script running (default settings) I still only go up to 2GHZ admin@nas:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz cpu MHz : 2001.000 cpu MHz : 2001.000 cpu MHz : 2001.000 cpu MHz : 2001.000 admin@nas:~$ uptime 15:09:40 up 22 min, 2 users, load ave
  3. As an image can say more then a 1000 words: Currently importing a VM (from another volume) so yes it should be quite busy. However: 1. I am importing from an HDD to SSD 2. It is RAID 1 Why is disk 1 used for 100% and disk 2 not really doing anything? Is this normal for Synology? Anybody that can test this real quick?
  4. mattie112

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I have the idea that the performance of 6.2.1 is worse then 6.1.7 but: I also needed to convert my DS3617xs to the DS918+ due to not reading correctly. I assume the performance won't be different when using another NAS model? Might be just the 6.2.1 version but I can really notice it.
  5. Intel Core i5-4590T works with 1.04 and DS918+ (it does NOT work with 1.03b / DS3617xs / 6.2.1 needed to switch to DS918+ to get it working again)
  6. mattie112

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    So, I wanted to update from 6.1.7 on my DS3617xs and here is my experience: - downloaded the 1.03b bootloader - editted the files and wrote it to USB - in the migration wizzard uploaded the latest DSM (6.2.1) - wait for reboot (never comes back up again) - restore old bootloader - "crashed synology click to restore" - wait for reboot (never comes back up again) - reflash 1.03b again - try to install 6.2 (and/or 6.1.7) -> unable needs to be 6.2.1 - hmmm ***** now what to do - read on some random post at the form that 6.2.1 is only
  7. I also moved from FreeNAS (kept killing my VM's in the unsupported VirtualBox) through Proxmox and now here. I use the DS3617 build and it works great! Virtual machines works perfectly and 1gbit is no problem! I have a i5 with 32GB RAM and just a standard ASRock motherboard, works fantastic!
  8. I have chosen for the DS3617 because it seemed the most luxury one out there and because I have an i5 with 32gb ram (and 8 drives) I wanted to be sure there wasn't somekind of software limitation. But I couldn't find any real decisive info on this. The DS3617 image works fine here.
  9. I have got one of these, works like a charm:
  10. Hi Guys, I have an 'old' SSD I'd like to use for my surveillance station. I don't use it but it still works and hey it saves some power compared to a HDD. However I cannot create a RAID group for it. The "create" button is grayed-out. When I go to HDD/SSD it is listed as "Warning, Critical" due to 0% life left..... (but it is working fine). I have confirmed the SATA port works as a random HDD works great and a RAID group can be created. Can somebody please advice? It this due to it being critical? How can I ignore this or force-create a RAID group? Doing a secure-erase