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  1. Hm, do you know if any other model does support this? I used to run the ds3615 but I changed it at some point (not sure why). Or perhaps I should switch to some other Hypervisor to run my VirtualMachines (esxi for example) and then run xpenology in a VM.
  2. Is this script supposed to be compatible with i5-4590T (base 2GHZ, boost 3GHZ). I always thought my virtual machines where slower then when I was running Linux but I just thought that it was overhead. However I recently noticed that my CPU was running at only 2GHZ so that would also explain it. With the script running (default settings) I still only go up to 2GHZ admin@nas:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz cpu MHz : 2001.000 cpu MHz : 2001.000 cpu MHz : 2001.000 cpu MHz : 2001.000 admin@nas:~$ uptime 15:09:40 up 22 min, 2 users, load average: 2.47, 2.08, 1.74 admin@nas:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz cpu MHz : 2001.000 cpu MHz : 2001.000 cpu MHz : 2001.000 cpu MHz : 2001.000 admin@nas:~$ cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/stats/time_in_state 2001000 130778 2000000 0 1900000 0 1800000 0 1700000 0 1600000 0 1500000 0 1400000 3738 1300000 0 1200000 0 1100000 0 1000000 0 900000 0 800000 0
  3. As an image can say more then a 1000 words: Currently importing a VM (from another volume) so yes it should be quite busy. However: 1. I am importing from an HDD to SSD 2. It is RAID 1 Why is disk 1 used for 100% and disk 2 not really doing anything? Is this normal for Synology? Anybody that can test this real quick?
  4. mattie112

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I have the idea that the performance of 6.2.1 is worse then 6.1.7 but: I also needed to convert my DS3617xs to the DS918+ due to not reading correctly. I assume the performance won't be different when using another NAS model? Might be just the 6.2.1 version but I can really notice it.
  5. Intel Core i5-4590T works with 1.04 and DS918+ (it does NOT work with 1.03b / DS3617xs / 6.2.1 needed to switch to DS918+ to get it working again)
  6. mattie112

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    So, I wanted to update from 6.1.7 on my DS3617xs and here is my experience: - downloaded the 1.03b bootloader - editted the files and wrote it to USB - in the migration wizzard uploaded the latest DSM (6.2.1) - wait for reboot (never comes back up again) - restore old bootloader - "crashed synology click to restore" - wait for reboot (never comes back up again) - reflash 1.03b again - try to install 6.2 (and/or 6.1.7) -> unable needs to be 6.2.1 - hmmm ***** now what to do - read on some random post at the form that 6.2.1 is only supported by DS918+ - flash 1.04 bootloader (for DS918+) - install DSM 6.2.1 (for DS918+) - installation works, settings are migrated and system is up again Did I just had bad luck? Or is 6.2.1 only supported on DS918+? In that case a warning would be great on the loader download page for other people wanting to update Now just to fix the few tings that are not migrated (Domoticz and some strange bug that things my SSD is critical) and I'm back. But next time well not so sure if I will update unless I really really want a new feature.... edit: Oh and I will need to try and find out if DS918+ is fine for me or that I somehow need to migrate back to the DS3617xs?
  7. I also moved from FreeNAS (kept killing my VM's in the unsupported VirtualBox) through Proxmox and now here. I use the DS3617 build and it works great! Virtual machines works perfectly and 1gbit is no problem! I have a i5 with 32GB RAM and just a standard ASRock motherboard, works fantastic!
  8. I have chosen for the DS3617 because it seemed the most luxury one out there and because I have an i5 with 32gb ram (and 8 drives) I wanted to be sure there wasn't somekind of software limitation. But I couldn't find any real decisive info on this. The DS3617 image works fine here.
  9. I have got one of these, works like a charm:
  10. Hi Guys, I have an 'old' SSD I'd like to use for my surveillance station. I don't use it but it still works and hey it saves some power compared to a HDD. However I cannot create a RAID group for it. The "create" button is grayed-out. When I go to HDD/SSD it is listed as "Warning, Critical" due to 0% life left..... (but it is working fine). I have confirmed the SATA port works as a random HDD works great and a RAID group can be created. Can somebody please advice? It this due to it being critical? How can I ignore this or force-create a RAID group? Doing a secure-erase does not work. Some screenshots: