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  1. should or should not? I remember that on my N54L with 6.2.3 I used extra.lzma with Intel nic.
  2. Let me see if I understand. You boot the server from USB and syno assistent can detect it, the install part is going well but after install the server in no longer detected in the network. Right?
  3. Have you tried to disable C1E Support in BIOS?
  4. Did you managed to make Virtual Machine Manager work? I cannot start the virtual machine and I understand that is a problem with the qemu driver for AMD.
  5. Hi, You're right, I was a little bit confused with all the posts I read about drivers and different network cards. In fact I used the same loader but I upgraded the DSM to 6.2.3.
  6. Hi all, I upgraded my DSM 6.2 running on N54L to 6.2.3 using loader 1.03b, extra_lzma v11 and the network card on the motherboard.
  7. Yes, I've saw your posts about this. It seems that I won't be able to use VMM on my N40L in the near future.
  8. Hi, Yep, I have it enabled but I cannot start any VM on my N40L. I use loader 1.03b and dsm 6.2.
  9. Nvm, I've added the disks one by one and now it's OK.
  10. Ok, I managed to install 6.2 on an empty drive used for tests. One very important step is to disable C1E in BIOS. Now, any recommendations on how to upgrade from 6.0.2 to 6.2? I have 3 JBOD disks.
  11. Hi. So you're saying that I can install DSM 6.2-23739 Update 2 using loader v1.03b without changing the bios and using the internal network card?
  12. bnicolae

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi, what's your current dsm version and which loader did you used? I want to upgrade my 6.0.2 to a newer version but last time when I checked, the loader didn't had any grub entry for AMD.
  13. bnicolae

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi, I'm using a HP N54L G7 server with loader 1.02, dsm 6.0.2.The cpu is an amd turion. Any chance to upgrade to loader 1.04 and dsm 6.2?
  14. bnicolae

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Does it have a separate bootloader entry for AMD?
  15. bnicolae

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi, Can I use this with HP Gen7 AMD Turion? I'm stuck on 6.0.2.