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  1. https://ibb.co/BPS2L4H: Plex HW cpu % in dsm when transcoding: https://ibb.co/vLDC8hy when i use the command with activation.conf i have the result "success": false , msg: "Sn format is wrong" I have the folder /dev/dri whith 2 fils in it. I will try another SN to see if SW transcoding work too.
  2. Hi everyone Thanks all for your hard work and contribution I succesfully upgraded my Dsm 6.2.1 to dsm 6.2.2 and in the same time i changed all the hardware . Before : 3615xs DSM 6.2.1 , jun’s loader 1.03b Mobo : Asus p8h67-i Cpu : intel core i3 2100 4gb ddr3 1600 NIC : pci-e x1 Dual-port intel SN: used XPEnology New Serial Generator MAC: used the nic mac Now : 918+ Dsm 6.2.2 , jun’s loader 1.04b Mobo : Asrock Z270M-ITX/AC Cpu : intel core I5 7400 4gb ddr4 2133 NIC : 2 onboard Intel SN: used a serial posted by Ziemowit (ty) MAC: used the nic mac I used ‘migrate’ at installation to keep all the settings. The 2 intel nic from the asrock motherboard works perfectly ( i made a bond ) and Hardware transcoding works perfectly in PLEX witthout doing anything except activating HW transcoding in plex setting.