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  1. Thank you deklan! It was the Intel VT setting in BIOS.
  2. Hi deklan, thanks for your answer. I installed the beta version, but I still get the same error code Greetings Pascal
  3. Hi guys, yesterday I installed the Virtual Machine Manager on my Xpenology machine (DS918+, DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4, 1.04b Loader). I've got Asus Prime J3355I-C with 8 GB RAM. I tried VM's with Windows 10 and Ubuntu. The Log says the following: Failed to power on the virtual machine [Ubuntu] on the host [Synology]. Do you have any ideas which I could test? Thanks in advance. Pascal
  4. /start-teamspeak3: line 9: cd: /data: Permission denied stdout 16:56:36 Downloading teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64-3.2.0.tar.bz2 ... stdout 16:56:36 pathconf: Permission denied stdout 16:56:36 pathconf: Permission denied stdout 16:56:36 /start-teamspeak3: line 49: /data/ts3server: Permission denied stdout 16:56:36 /start-teamspeak3: line 49: exec: /data/ts3server: cannot execute: permission denied Still got these problems. Any ideas?
  5. Ive got the asus prime j3355-c, but with disconnected display its also not working
  6. I´ve got the problem that the system boots up, gets found by synology assisant, but i can´t reach it in the browser. Afterwards the system shuts down and I have to do the same procedure again. Any ideas? Btw. Which Serial Number do you use in the grub.cfg guys?
  7. Is the 1.03a Loader ready for daily-use?
  8. Docker does not really work for me since I installed a second HDD. Most containers do not even start.
  9. Hello, It is DSM 6.1.7 with Juns loader 1.02 I'm running on Asus Prime J3355I-C Thank you
  10. Hi Guys, DSM has some issues since I added a second HDD and I want to reinstall it now without losing my data. Can you give my any tips how to do that? Thanks in advance. passi0509