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  1. Hi , I have setup a dsm 6.1.7 on esxi 6.7. The setup is: - jun loader 1.02b vmware boot option - loader boot disk is alone on first sata port - unique data disk is on paravirtualized scsi controller - network is vmxnet3 10gb I've install all 6.1.7 updates , only packages installed are stock file station , universal search and open-vm-tools. The system will be a test environment for a spk package development so I don't need special package but need high i/o speed because my app move a lot of data. Using 10GBe as network and ssd
  2. Hi , I'm also solving same problem moving boot disk to sata. I add sata controller simply by editing vm , then I remove disk , convert to sata ( from cli using vmkfstools ) then added back to vm as first and only sata disk.
  3. ok , I found the problem... My config now is: loader: only one sata disk data disk: paravirtualized scsi network: paravirtualized vmxnet when using ds3617xs image I get: with boot option vmware I get NO DISK , in the serial console I see a kernel fault when loading mptsas. with boot option baremetal I see the disk but when I try to install dsm it fail with error 35 while formatting. I've moved to the ds3615xs , same config with vmware boot option and get it working at first try. Now I have the vm online , with vmware tools i
  4. Hi , about second point , I've setup the vm , it works but in the synology hdd list I see 50MB boot drive. I use jun's 1.02b with extra drivers connected as a ide disk to vm. Other disks are from a 3ware 3650 passed to vm. Everythink works ok but I want to hide boot disk.
  5. Hi , I have a esxi6.7 with a old 3ware 3650 passed to xpenology vm , perfectly working , have you load the extra drivers image ?