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  1. Thank you for your detailed answers I tried to change a new valid SN for 918+(1780PDN058013), but it still auto reboot when i Transcoding. I've completely emptied the hard disk and the U disk, then use the same old SN (and same vid pid mac) to creater a 1.02b loader install the DSM_DS3617xs_15284.pat so get a new DSM6.1 nas. "Offiline Transcoding"can work well,Everything is normal so i think i must wait the newloader to use DSM6.2 I hope that the question I reflect can be noticed. btw: in the DSM6.2 if i disable the "ACPI HPET" in BIOS, Transcoding still very slowly,but the auto reboot be a lot less.
  2. No problem,maybe some SN can work well in dsm6.1 but work failed in dsm6.2 or jun says "DS918+ may need a reasonable recent cpu instruction set to run properly." I suspect it may be related to this
  3. how to activate the HW acceleration? i never see this option in DSM?
  4. if the SN is a fake,it looks like this: the transcoding will not start but i can start it,and auto reboot after a while
  5. i know the valid SN means 正版群晖序列号,thx for u chinese word but if the SN is fake,the transcoding will not start i can start the transcoding,so……
  6. thanx for u reply i use a SN from DDSM,and write it into zhe grub.cfg the SN work well in DSM6.1.7(v1.02b+DSM_DS3617xs_15284.pat),so this SN still a fake? i will check the SN and try to change it,thank you!
  7. ASRock J3455-itx Kingston 4g ram V1.03a2 loader DSM_DS918+_23739.pat SN is from DDSM MAC is 001132xxxxxx when i use "Offiline Transcoding", it's very slowly, and the nas auto reboot. ps:from China,not good at English,sorry but u can reply with english,thx