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  1. Thanks a lot ! I had to comment the line #[dpkg]="dpkg --version" # extract flashupdate in redpill-load/include/runtime.sh FYI : i had to modify the custom_user.json to add my additional HP ethernet macadress. But still got an error on installing the pat file. UPDATE : I had to format all my disks and revert to JUn's loader and on 6.2.3
  2. Hello, First i apologize if it has already been asked but i didn't found my answers. I'm trying to update my HP MicroServer GEN8 from 6.2.3 DS3617XS on 7.0.1 on DS3615XS. I got a few questions : - What is the default password of the "tc" user ? (tried empty one without success) - When i build i got an error about tools not installed (didn't see how to install that). Thank you by advance
  3. Hello, i understand !! Thank you for answering :) And thanks to all dev working on that to make it stable.
  4. Hello all, Does anyone be kind to me and make me a full tutorial to build an image for my HP MicroServ GEN8 NAS ? I'm totally noob in dev but i know how to build a linux VM to execute some scripts. I'd just like to know the good options/extensions to add to make a good daily use build for my NAS. Or maybe just post something in the tutorial section for all the noobs like me
  5. Every drivers needed for HP Microserv GEN8 would be awesome :)
  6. Well, you don't even know what CPU i have Maybe you are talking about the chipset and not the original CPU ? Actually i'm on Xeon 1275 V2. Good to know
  7. Well, it's quite possible that it is undoable I saw some topics talking about the nvidia runtime library and able to see their Nvidia GPU with some manual copy of drivers but even that, i'm not able to see my gpu. I'm wondering if we can install 918+ loader on hp microserv gen8
  8. Well, as my CPU does not have GPU integrated, i bought a nvidia card to have H/W transcoding on my JellyFin server. So i'd really like that we can inject nvidia drivers in any way to get that H/W transcode working
  9. Hello, I'm pretty interested about the loader you used for the HP Gen8 as i have one also. I'm wondering if you can generate a loader with Nvidia drivers inside ?
  10. Hello, I bough a NVIDIA GPU Card for my HP MicroServ Gen8 in order to have hardware transcoding. I tried both IG-88 Loader with extra for 3617xs and DSM 6.2.3 Loader (with MBR partition Table) for DS3617xs but i still don't have H/W transcode. Am i doing something wrong or Nvidia drivers is not in the extra drivers ? Thank you.
  11. Hello all, I'm not a developper so i won't be able to build something but i have a baremetal HP Microserv GEN8 and i can make some tests on it if someone give me a boot image. Actually on Jun 1.03B on DS3617XS, i got backups so i can try some builds if you are interested to validate something. Anyway, thank you all for your hard work !!
  12. Outcome of the update: FAILED - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3617xs - Using custom extra.lzma: No - Installation type: HP MicroServ GEN8 - Notes: Upgrade successfully but nothing works after
  13. - Outcome of the update: FAILED - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.3-25426 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3617XS - Using custom extra.lzma: No - Installation type: HP MicroServ Gen8 - Additional comment: File States Corrupt. Tested with manual and terminal installation, same problem.
  14. Hello, bootloader 1.03a2 does NOT work on my HP MicroServ GEN8 with Intel Xeon E3-1220L neither on the original Celeron CPU. FYI